Ice Cream Ebony T-Shirt

Ice Cream Ebony T-Shirt

I think it’s safe to say summer is over around here. The leaves have started turning their colour at the end of August. We might have an early start to fall this year. I still have to photograph some summery things for the blog, I need to get that done before the ground is covered with fallen leaves!

Today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet. I used the same pattern as this Lemon T-shirt, so if you’d like to know more details about it, please check out that article.




The additional changes I made are: 1) I made the back hem shorter 2) took out the flare just a tad more 3) lengthened the sleeves more.



I’m short, so I think this balance of the high-and-low hems fits me better, rather than very dramatic one.


This fabric is so adorable! It’s Regatta Ice Cream knit by Dear Stella. It’s sold out on the store I bought it from, but this store has some left.

Maybe this print was meant for children’s clothing, but since the ice creams are tiny, I think it’s totally wearable for grown ups too. Besides, I’m a firm believer that adults can also rock fun prints! I really enjoy simple styles in summer like T-shirt and jeans. And fun prints makes it that much more enjoyable.

Now that it’s been getting much cooler these days, I’ve put away most of summery things and pulled out my hand-knit items. I’m so ready for fall :)

何と言ってもこの柄の可愛さ!Dear StellaというメーカーのRegatta Ice Creamという柄です。私が購入したお店ではすでに品切れでしたが、こちらのお店にまだ在庫がある模様。

ちょっと明るめの紺に、小さな色とりどりのアイスが可愛らしい。子供服向けなのかもしれませんが、柄が小さいので大人が来ても大丈夫!(なはず。) 夏場はやっぱり、Tシャツにジーンズみたいな格好が一番楽ですよね。お気に入りの柄のTシャツなら、シンプルな装いでも気分が上がります。


Sep 17, 2019

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