Ebony + Coco Mash-up

Ebony + Coco Mash-up

It seems like I go through a change of two fashion phases every two-three years. One that is casual, modern, pants style based phase and two: feminine, classic dress style phase. I’ve been deep in the casual phase these days. Note that I still wear, sew, and adore classic designs still, just not as often. Instead, I’ve been enjoying making and wearing pants, casual tops like button up shirts a little more than usual. When it comes to dresses, I now gravitate towards knit dresses, more than fit and flare dresses.

My tried-and-true knit dress patterns are Ebony by Closet Case Patterns and Coco by Tilly and the Buttons. (Check out my versions here and here!) So this time, I did some experiments and used both patterns!


EbonyCocoは実際作ってみてお気に入りとなったニット生地向けの型紙 (以前作ったものはこちらこちらに載せてます)。今回はその二つを組み合わせて使いました。

Before I get into the details of pattern mash-up, can we please stop for a moment and admire how beautiful this fabric is? This is Vie de Bohème Sunrise by Art Gallery Fabrics and I bought it from Funky Monkey Fabrics. I love the colour and the print of this fabric so much! It’s a quality knit fabric, and has a very nice and soft feel to it.

まず布ですが、これとっても素敵じゃないですか〜?Art Gallery Fabricsから出ているデザインで、Vie de Bohème Sunriseと言います。私はこのお店で購入しました。色も柄も綺麗だし、すごく柔らかく肌触りも良い生地です。

I used Coco pattern for the neck opening and the bodice of bust to waist part to make the dress is tiny bit more fitted than Ebony’s bodice. But I wanted the full flare of Ebony on the hem, so from the waist down, I used Ebony (but slightly less full) skirt pattern. The sleeves and the armholes are also Ebony. I really like how it turned out! You could wear a belt on the waist if you wanted more shape, but I personally prefer wearing as is.



Since the mint one turned out pretty well, I cut into the next fabric which is…

This super adorable Dachshund print knit! It’s called Red Rover by Cloud9 Fabrics. I bought it from The Fabric Snob but I think it’s sold out now. Again, it’s a super soft knit fabric, with a bit more of thickness and is slightly more bouncy than the knit from Art Gallery.

2着目はとってもポップで可愛らしい、ダックスフントの柄!Cloud9 Fabricsというメーカーの布で、こちらのお店で購入したのですが、現在このお店では売り切れのようです。この布もとっても柔らかい!ミント色の布より幾分厚みがありその分ハリがあるように思います。

Knit dresses are so comfy and breezy, very suitable for warm weather! In winter, I can put them over leggings or tights. All in all, I think knit dresses are so versatile and wearable!


July 8, 2019

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