Dragon Shirt Dress

Dragon Shirt Dress

How has your summer been? Where I live has been having a cool summer which is really great for me (in case you didn’t know, I don’t do well in the heat. I might as well be a snowman.) After mid-August it started to feel really like the end of summer, some nights are pretty chilly. I’m excited that my favourite season is approaching!



This awesome fabric came home with me when I visited Vancouver a few years ago. It got white dragons and silver crowns. By the way, dragons in western cultures and the ones in the eastern cultures are quite different. This print is obviously the western version of dragons, dinosaur-like figure with pointy arrow tail-end and wings on their back.


When I bought this fabric, I had a fit and flare dress in my mind. I thought it would be cute to pair with a hand-knit cardigan with silver yarn. It would have been cute, but lately I’ve been feeling much more like wearing casual styles. So a shirt dress it is!

型紙は、Archer Button Up Shirtをベースに。丈を伸ばしてスカート部分に少しフレアを足しました。布の分量がギリギリだったので袖は半袖で。カジュアルにストンと着れるものが今の気分だったので、タック入りウエスト切り替え等にはせず、元のシャツの形をほぼ生かして少しAラインのシルエットを足しました。

I used Archer Button Up shirt pattern by Grainline Studio. I lengthened the hem and added some flare to the skirt. I love this simple A-line style! I didn’t have a lot of fabric, so I went with short sleeves.


I think I’m getting more used to sewing shirt collars… I hope.




I wear this dress with leggings, so the length is a bit shorter than my usual. If I’m wearing it without the leggings, I’d make it a tad longer.

I brought this dress with me to Japan in April and wore it when we went to USJ (Universal Studios Japan.) I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of staff there noticed that I was dress to the occasion! Especially at the Wizarding World, they complimented that my dress is nice because it has magical creatures on it. I bet that recognizing what people wear (especially when they’re dressed up for a certain theme) is part of their job routines, but still, it made me really happy and I felt special. Now every time I wear this dress, it reminds me of that fun memory. Cheers to all the staff there to help us make great memories that could last a lifetime!

Aug 21, 2019

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