Archer Button Up Shirts

Archer Button Up Shirts

I think what I’m sharing today are the last ones from last year’s make, finally! (Yay!)

Remember my first Archer button up shirt? It’s this floral one. Since I loved that one a lot, i made two more soon after that!

First up is the one made with light blue viscose denim. It’s the lighter version of this fabric.


去年の秋頃、Archer button up shirtというパターンを初めて使って、この花柄のシャツを縫いました。それがとても気に入ったので、同じ型紙を使ってその後2着作りました。


I’ve lengthened the hem so that I can put this on over leggings! It’s such a comfy shirt…I think this is the perfect over-sized button up shirt!

Viscose denim is light weight, has drape, and soft! It gets wrinkled up in the wash, so I usually iron it after the wash.



I added additional top-stitch lines on the back yoke and around the armholes. I think that give it a very denim shirt-y look!


Another feature of Archer that I love: pleats on the cuffs.


Second up is a buffalo check shirt! All the heart-eyed emojis for this one too, I mean, isn’t this the most basic but fun shirt?!


This one is also lengthened at the hem.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m not a fan of pattern (stripe) matching. My solution for buffalo check is to cut some pieces in bias! With this one, I cut the back yoke, front pocket, and cuffs in bias direction. It creates an interesting design and I didn’t have to spend hours trying to match the stripes! I did matched up the front pieces though and that was enough for me!

このブログをしばらく見てくださっている方はご存知かもしれませんが、私柄合わせが不得意だしあまり好きではなくて。なので、チェックの時はバイアスに裁断してカバーしてます!笑 このシャツは、後ろヨーク、ポケット、カフスをバイアスで裁ちました。見た目もアクセントになって、柄合わせの手間も省けて一石二鳥!前合わせの部分だけは柄合わせしました。


I usually wear it with the top button open. I love these shirts so much. thanks Grainline Studio for this awesome pattern!


I normally like to post photos of me wearing the garments I made. I believe that those shots show the garments the best and I always enjoy seeing other bloggers’ modeling shots too.

However, as much as I like them, it’s also time consuming to set up a tripod and try to get a good shot by using a remote. Since I have so many projects I’m planning on sharing to catch up (let’s face it, these shirts I shared today were made last year), I’ve decided that I’m just going to share them even without the modeling shots. Like some people say, sometimes it’s better to be done (posted in this case) than perfect.



Jul 2, 2019

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