Scottish Ankle Socks

Scottish Ankle Socks

Ever since I made a pair of ankle socks for my husband, he’s been enjoying wearing them. So I decided to make him another pair! (You might have guessed it already, but yes, I made them last year.)

I used a different yarn this time so I had to adjust the gauge a bit, but other than that, I made them in the same way as the last time. The came out great again! Hubby is very happy to have a second pair.

Yarn (毛糸): Bis-Sock Scotland Inspiration by Biscotte Yarns



Hubby chose the yarn, and he picked out the Scotland inspired colourway (self-striping) from Biscotte Yarns. The colour might vary somewhat significantly in each lot; the yarn shown on their website seems a lot more faded than the one I have. It wasn’t a problem for us though, since he chose them at a local yarn shop in person and he liked the deep colours. This is hand-dyed so it’s good to keep in mind that each skein is unique. And that’s what makes hand-dyed yarns interesting!

I’ve used their sock yarn before (they call their sock yarn bis-sock). It’s amazingly soft against my skein! It almost feels like it’s a cashmere blend.

毛糸は夫が選びました。この色はスコットランドからインスパイアされた色だそうです(セルフストライピングなので自動的にストライプ模様に編み上がります)。Biscotte Yarnsというメーカーのもの。メーカーのウェブサイトで見る色より手元にある毛糸の実物の方が濃い色合い。ロットによって割と色の濃淡に違いがあるのかもしれませんね。夫は直接お店で色を見て選んだのでこの色合いに満足していますが、ネットで注文するなら手染め糸はロットにより大きな差が出る可能性があることを頭に入れておくと失敗が少ないかもしれません。一つ一つユニークである、というのは逆に手染め糸の魅力でもあります。

Biscotte Yarnsの毛糸は以前にも使ったことがありまして、その時は私の靴下を編みました。カシミア混かと思うほど柔らかくふわふわの毛糸です。

Shortly after I made these socks, our adorable nephew was born. I wanted to make him a pair of baby socks. Now, I knew he would grow out of them in like a week, but that wasn't important… I just wanted to make a pair to remember how tiny he was when he was a new born. And of course hubby wanted a matching pair. So I used the left over yarn and made a pair of baby socks!

Pattern (編み図): Baby Sock by Kate Atherley


How cute are these baby socks?! Like I expected, he out-grew these in about a couple weeks. I have some photos of him wearing them and I will cherish them forever. So so sweet.


May 21, 2019

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