Ginger Jeans

Ginger Jeans

Hi friends! I can’t believe it’s gonna be May! (See what I did there? Hint * Justin Timberlake) Though it doesn’t really feel like spring here today; we’ve been getting a little bit of snow this week. It’s a little sad that this is only a second blog post of the year… but not so sad because it also means that I’ve been active and busy off-line! A lot happened in this year so far. My husband and I become an uncle and an aunt, my work got busy (in a good way), we went to Japan to visit my family (my whole family lives there!), and had my 32nd birthday. My code studying has been put on hold a bit since I’ve been busy, but I’m meaning to get back on track soon.



手作りジーンズ第二号、使った型紙はGinger Jeansです。(初めて作ったジーンズはMorgan Jeans。)

I still have a quite few that I made last year that need to be blogged about! Today’s subject is Ginger Jeans! This is my second pair of hand-made jeans (my first was this Morgan Jeans.)

Morgan Jeans are boyfriend fit made with non-stretch denim while Ginger Jeans are skinny fit with stretch denim.

Morgan Jeansは伸縮しないタイプの生地を使うボーイフレンドタイプのジーンズ。今回作ったGinger Jeansはストレッチの入った生地を使うスキニージーンズです。


Since I finished making these in the fall last year, unfortunately my memory isn’t so fresh anymore. But I’m sure it was fairly straight forward to put together. I’m very short (150cm) and not thin, so some pattern adjustments is a must. It’s still not perfect, but totally wearable and comfortable.

Because my figure isn’t a “standard”, some adjustments need to be done but otherwise the fit of the pattern is great! Love the high-rise option and all the details.


I used tiny polka dot fabric for the lining. Polka dot makes my heart sing…


I love making pants these days. Sure, to get the fitting right is tricky (for me at least) but it’s so satisfying to be able to wear pants that fit my short legs!


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