London Backpack 2.0

London Backpack 2.0

Happy (belated) new year! It’s 2019 but I’m still writing about the things I made in November… Back in November hubby and I took a trip to Vancouver. I wanted to use my London backpack during the trip but I realized the straps were kind of uncomfortable to wear. It was because I made the bag part smaller than the actual pattern, but I didn’t make the straps longer to balance that out. So I decided to make another one!

新年の挨拶が遅くなってしまいましたが、今年もみなさまどうぞよろしくお願い致します!さて、2019年になったというのに、私は未だに去年の11月に作ったものの記事を書いています。11月にバンクーバーへ旅行に行ったのですが、その時に以前作ったLondon backpackを使いたいなと思っていたんです。ところがどうも背負い心地が良くなくて…実際の型紙よりもバッグ部分を小さく作ったのに、その分ストラップを長くしなかったのが原因だと思います。ということで、思い切って新たに作ることにしました!


This time I used the grey twill fabric (left over from this project), the lining is left over from this dress.

London Backpack pattern is available here.

I love London backpack in this colour too! (If you didn’t know already, I love the colour grey.) And I really like this pattern.

Addition to making the straps longer, I move the bottom strap placement to the side (the original version was at closer to the back centre.)



Much more comfortable to wear now! I’m very pleased with the strap placement changes I made.


I really like the construction and the shape of this backpack. And loooove the lining fabric I chose!


The interior pocket with a zip is really practical!


My favourite detail of this backpack is the back zip pocket! It’s perfect to store small valuables like phones and the zipper pull which peaks out a bit is just adorable.


I really liked the first version of it too, but the fit of the newer version is now so much better on me! I used it during the trip and it was a perfect purse-backpack to carry it around the city.

I decided to donate the first version, hoping a smaller person might find the fit just fine and make a better use for it.



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