Moose PJ Set: McCall’s M2476

Moose PJ Set: McCall’s M2476

Dogs are my ultimate favourite animal—they have been since I was little and they always will be. After dogs, I like moose, pigs and elephants. (You can read about my first and only ever encounter with a wild bull moose here. One of the most exciting events in my life!) I also own these cute moose plushies that I adore so much. I just realized I only posted about one of the moose here but I actually have three! (Each of them are in different sizes.)

一番好きな動物は今も昔もこれからもずっと犬なのですが、犬以外だと、ムース(ヘラジカ)や豚、象なんかが好きです。(野生のムースと一度だけ遭遇したことがあり、その時のことはこの記事に書いております。) ムースグッズも少しずつ集めていて、特にこのぬいぐるみはかなりのお気に入りで大切にしています。今気がついたのですが、一つだけしかシェアしてなかったようですね。実はサイズ違い3つ持っています。笑

I made the blue and green scarves!

Anyways, I really really like moose and moose designed things. So when I found this moose print fabric, I HAD to get some! This is “Purely Canadian Eh!” collection and comes in quilting cotton and cotton flannel.

そんなわけでムースが大好きな私は、こちらのムース柄の布を見つけた時は買うしかない!となりました。”Purely Canadian Eh!” というシリーズで、キルティング用コットン(北米ではよく見かける種類の生地。シーチングみたいな感じだと思います)とコットンフランネルの2種類両方購入しました!

How adorable is this?! The style of the illustration is even similar to my moose plushies!


Since I like it so much, I bought both cotton quilting and cotton flannel.

At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make with the flannel…I know flannel PJs would be too hot for me. But then I thought it might be perfect for a robe (house coat)! So I used the cotton flannel for the robe, and the cotton quilting for the PJ pants. I also bought some solid cotton knit fabric to make a t-shirt to go with.


For the t-shirt, I modified Coco dress (by Tilly and the Buttons) pattern. I used the top length and made the back slightly longer then the front. I straightened the waist line for a boxy relaxed fit. I also added a neck band and a pocket. The pocket is made with the quilting cotton. A small detail but really helps to make it look like a part of the set!

TシャツはCoco Dress (by Tilly and the Buttons)をベースにしました。変更した点はウエストラインをまっすぐ引き直してボックスシルエットに、ネックバンドを付け足し、さらに裾を前後差のあるデザインにしました。


PJ pants are made from the quilting cotton as I mentioned above (The waist band is double gauze, it’s softer on the skin!) They were drafted based on a pair of shorts long time ago but I’m not sure which pattern that was.

They are the same pattern as my other PJs, however for longer length like these, I probably should have narrowed the legs. (Although wide leg pants are really comfy to sleep in!)



My dress form doesn’t have legs so it can’t wear pants. I just pinned the pants to the surface, so they look odd but you get the idea.


And the most exciting part (for me) is… (drum roll)… a robe! I’ve never owned a robe or a house coat so I was really excited to make one. I used McCall’s M2476 for the robe. M2476 actually comes with top and pants patterns as well. Now that I look at them I wish I tried those patterns this time, maybe next time.

そして一番楽しみにしていた…ローブ!今までローブの類って持っていなくて。だから作るのも楽しみでした。使った型紙はMcCall’s M2476。今考えると、せっかくだからトップとボトムもこの型紙のものを使って見たら良かったかな〜。

This is probably the first time using cotton flannel for me. It’s so soft and not staticky! This robe pattern is pretty simple to put together. The sleeves are wide kimono sleeves which are kind of the opposite of slimming. But it’s comfortable and that’s more important when it comes to a lounge wear!


I’ve already been wearing this PJ set and I can confirm that I LOVE them! I’ve been really enjoying wearing a robe at night around the house in this cold September. (We already got snowfalls a few times! We’re having pretty cold fall.)

Since I’ve been wearing the robe a lot already, I would really like to make another one. I love this one so much that I don’t want to wear it out too fast!



McCall’s M2476

Moose with Canadian flags, moose with maple syrup, moose in vest, moose in onesie… Which moose is your favourite?


Sep 23, 2018

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