Watermelon Dress: Butterick B6451

Watermelon Dress: Butterick B6451

We had a kind of hot summer this year, but it's finally started to feel like a beginning of fall! As some of you already know, I'm not built for a hot weather so I'm really excited for the sweater weather!

Before that though, I have a couple more summer dresses to share. I made this one for while ago and got to wear it once or twice while it was still warm. I doubt that I will wear it again this year, but I think it's going to be worn a lot next summer.

I fell in love with the watermelon print the first time I sew it at a fabric store. It's also light weight rayon which I love.

今年は例年よりも暑い日が多く、暑いのが苦手な私は早く秋にならないかな〜と夏の初めのころから思っていました。笑 8月もそろそろ終わるここ数日はめっきり気温が下がり、葉の色が変わる木もあったりして秋が駆け足でやってくるのを感じます。嬉しい〜。そんな訳で、今回のワンピースはすでに1,2度着ていますが今年はもう出番はないかな。来年の夏活躍してもらおうと思います。


How cute is this print?! I like that it's on navy and watermelons are pretty small. It's not too tropical that you can only wear during beach vacation, it's perfectly appropriate for city-wear too.


I used Butterick B6451 for this dress. What I had in mind originally was to make the neck ruffle big like this one, but then I realized I haven't really worn that top. It looks really cute but I can't help but feeling like I'm wearing a bib. I think it would feel fine if the neck opening was wide or off-the-shoulder like the pattern's cover photo. But I didn't want either style, so I decided to make small ruffles.

使った型紙はButterick B6451。最初は、このトップのような大きなフリルを襟ぐりにつけようと思っていたのですが、このブラウスほとんど着てないんです、実は。これだけで見ると可愛いんだけど、着るとなんだか妙にビブ(スタイ)をつけているような感じがして。笑 おそらくこの大きなフリルはぐっと襟ぐりが開いたデザインか、オフショルダーならしっくりくるのではないかと思います。私はそういったデザインはあまり着ないので、今回はフリルを小さくしてみることにしました。

I like how it turned out. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing a bib any more! I raised the neck opening on both front and back since the pattern had a pretty deep (wide?) neck opening for off-the-shoulder look.



I didn't take a photo of the back because it looks almost identical to the front.



At the waist, I put two rows of elastics instead of just one. This way, the waist sits more steady and doesn't move around as much.

I really like this style (design) for a dress with a small ruffle. I wouldn't make it with stiff cotton for sure, but if I find rayon or challis, I would definitely make it again.




Sep 1, 2018

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