Comfort Slippers in Cashmere Blend

Comfort Slippers in Cashmere Blend

Do you always wear socks with shoes? I do. I don't wear them with sandals (of course!), but when I wear shoes, I need to wear socks (or tights.) I just can't wear enclosed shoes with bare feet. But what do you wear with ballet flats, pumps, or even slip-ons that have wide openings that regular socks just won't do? Enter footie socks! (Cover-socks, no-show-socks, whatever you'd like to call them.) They're pretty useful in those shoe situations but I can't be the only one who has been frustrated how easy they come off at heels in shoes. Luckily I discovered footie socks with ankle straps! Those little straps really do wonders. So when I found a knitting pattern for footie socks with straps, I was so happy.

Comfort Slippers By Reiko Arato 

She originally started selling this pattern as a Tohoku earthquake relief in 2011. I'm not sure if she still donates some of the profit of this pattern, but regardless I'm happy to pay a little money to support eitehr people in my home country or the talented knit designer.

あなたは靴下必須派ですか?私はイエス。サンダルの時はもちろん素足ですが、それ以外の靴となると靴下なりタイツなり履かないと落ち着かないタイプです(汗やニオイも気になりますしね。) パンプスやバレエシューズ、開きの広いスリッポンの場合はフットカバー(カバーソックス)を合わせるわけですが、フットカバーの難点はかかとがすぐ靴の中で脱げること。本当厄介なんですよね。そんな時に出会ったアンクルストラップ付きフットカバー。ストラップが付いているだけで、絶対脱げない!快適!


Comfort Slippers by Reiko Arato 


These were really quick and fun to knit! As the name suggests, you can totally wear them as indoor slippers too.

For yarn, I used Adam & Eve by River City Yarns. Adam & Eve is 81% merino wool, 9% cashmere, and 10% nylon. It's soooo soft! I would normally be hesitant to use cashmere blend for socks, just because it would feel too luxurious, but since this pair only use a bit I decided to go for it. And I'm glad I did!




I'm so excited that I can now knit these footie socks myself. I plan to make many more pairs in the future.





Aug 28, 2018

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