Stripe Lemon Maxi Dress

Stripe Lemon Maxi Dress

It's been pretty smokey here due to the BC wild fires in the last couple of week. On especially bad days we can see the fine ashes falling down... The BC wild fires seem really bad this year, I hope they will be contained soon. Stay safe everyone.


I had a busy July and August so far, and finally took the time to take photos of my recent (well, last month – this month) makes! First up is a summery lemon maxi dress!

I bought this fabric last summer from a Japanese online store. It was super affordable, yay! Because of the busy print, I knew I wanted to use a simple pattern and had just the one in my pattern stash.

It's Lottie Dress by Christine Haynes and I have used it before to make this dress. I really like how clean it is and how versatile it is. It's also comfortable to wear too!



ストライプにレモンと柄が賑やかなので、使った型紙はごくシンプルなデザインのLottie by Christine Haynes。前にこのワンピースを作って、その作り易さと着易さがかなりお気に入りになりました。

I made a short sleeved maxi length version this time. Since this pattern has dolman sleeves, there're only two pieces! (Plus the optional pockets and a skinny belt.) It came together really quickly.

今回は半袖&マキシ丈で。このパターン、袖がドルマンスリーブなんです。ということは型紙たったの2枚。(それプラスオプションのポケットやベルト。) 断つのも縫うのもあっという間!

I love how it turned out! Here's the look of it without the waist tie. (below)


Without the belt, it kinda looks like a pj... it's amazing how a little belt can change the look of an outfit so much!


Sleeve close up. They're not super baggy but really comfy to move arms in.



Because I wanted pockets to stand out a bit, so that you can see there're pockets for design purpose, I only matched stripes but not the lemons. 

This fabric is a light weight cotton lawn. Even though the dress is maxi length, it's super light to wear and flowy. Lightweight is definitely a plus especially in summer, but I'm also all for non see-through-ness when it comes to garments. I didn't really want to line this dress, especially because of the dolman sleeves (sleeves and the bodice are in one piece.) So I made a grey slip to wear underneath. I think the colour grey did the trick! It's more see-through-proof than white but at the same time it doesn't interfere with the outer fabric as black would. (if it was black underneath, it would looks like the outer fabric isn't printed on white.) For slips, I love using Bemberg fabric.


Don't this dress and the lemon bag make a perfect pair? (The lemon bag was a gift from a friend!)



Lottie Dress

この布、柄が好き&激安でもう一つ色違いを買ってあります。笑 そちらはシャツにする予定。おそらく来年になってしまうかな〜。

Aug 22, 2018

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