Gingham Shirt Dress: McCall's M7242

Gingham Shirt Dress: McCall's M7242


ですが、いまだに私は真夏ものを縫っています。笑 今年は5月が暑かったので、早めに夏物にとりかかるぞなんて思っていたのに結局なかなか進みませんでした〜。

I realize that I say this almost every month, but I can't believe it's already August. More than a half of this year is already gone! In Canada where I live, it gets quite cooler after mid August. Soon, we will be able to feel the fall approaching. Fall is my favourite season, so I'm excited! 

But before that, I'm still sewing a few summery clothing. I thought I had a head start this year since May was hotter than usual...I guess I didn't.


使った型紙は、この赤ドットワンピースと同じ、McCall's M7242。この型紙なかなか気に入っています。

I always like colourful clothes and fun prints, but this season I'm drawn to monotone shades. So this gingham dress I'm sharing today is in navy! I used McCall's M7242 as I did for this red polka dot dress before.


Just like the last time, I made the neck opening less deep and added more flare to the skirt.


Shortening bodices is a part of my regular alteration routine, but this time I lengthened it for a few centimetres. I wanted the bodice to be more relaxed around my waist, almost like resting on the waist tie. It turned out like the way I wanted it to look, however, when I wear a slip underneath, the waist doesn't stay in place and ended up being below my natural waist. Even with the waist tie! I didn't want to shorten the elastic around the waist, as that would be uncomfortable. I think next time I will shorten back the length of bodice a bit more.


It's hard to see but it has bust pockets! I made a short sleeve version and added a cuff to the sleeves. It's simple but more detailed, I like it!

Also, the back pleats (tucks) are pretty. it makes me happy when a shirt pattern has the back pleats/gathers!



McCall's M7242


Shirt dress and the gingham fabric is such a great combo, don't you think? It's summery, relaxed, clean, and grown up! Love love love. 

I still have some summery projects on the go, so I'm hoping to finish them and photograph them before summer is over :)


Aug 2, 2018

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