Pin-dot Shirt: McCall's M7544

Pin-dot Shirt: McCall's M7544

I bought this fabric while ago. It's a light-weight cotton lawn with tiny polka dots on white. I wanted to make a shirt with it and had been looking for a pattern. I wanted to make a shirt that is : 1) with a cute collar,  2) with yokes (I wanted to add a piping), 3) has pin-tucks.

I was having a hard time finding a pattern that had all the details I wanted. And then, I found this in my pattern stash! It's McCall's M7544.

しばらく前に購入したピンドット柄の薄手のローン生地。シャツかブラウスを作りたいなと考えていて、型紙を探していました。探していたのは、襟つき、ヨーク切り替え(切り替えにパイピングを施したかったので)、ピンタック入り、のデザイン。なかなか希望ぴったり揃ったものが見つからなかったのですが、家にある型紙をゴソゴソしていて閃いたのが、McCall's M7544を使うこと。

M7544 is a top with no front opening, but I thought I could re-draft a bit and add button bands!



  • 後ろの開きを無くして後ろは"わ"でとる
  • 前立てをつける
  • 前立てを付けた分ピンタックの位置を少しずらす
  • 襟をつける
  • 丈を長くする


I used View A and the major changes I made to it are:

  • Omitted the back opening and cut out he back yoke and bodice on fold
  • Added button bands to the front
  • Adjusted the positioning of pin-tucks (because of the button bands)
  • Added a collar
  • Lengthened the bodice

One minor change is that initially I wanted to make long sleeves with gathered cuffs, so I re-drafted them accordingly. However, when trying on, I realized the fabric was more sheer than I expected. It was very summery, so I cut the sleeves shorter and added the folded details to them. The sleeves are a bit wider (looser) than the original pattern.

    I referred to this Japanese sewing book on how to draft a collar.

    襟の型紙を引くに当たって参考にしたのは、「誌上・パターン塾 Vol.1 トップ編」です。

    This is such a good reference book! It comes with a basic bodice and sleeve pattern, and it shows you how to modify it to be any style of the bodice you like. It also shows you how to draft many different styles of collars and sleeves!




    I wanted a flat collar this time, with a 1 cm collar stand on the back. I was amazed at how easy it was to draft it if I followed this book and how well it turned out!

    I love the black piping and the buttons. I made it pretty loose, so this is going to be so comfortable on a hot day.


    McCall's M7544

    McCall's M7544を買った時は、まさかこういう使い方をするとは思っておらず。元のデザインとはかなり違う形での応用使いとなりましたが、満足!買っておいて良かったです。

    When I bought M7544, I never thought I would use it as a shirt pattern. It looks a lot different from the original design but I really like it! I'm glad I bought this pattern.


    Jun 3, 2018

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