Lemon Yellow Top: McCall's M7544

Lemon Yellow Top: McCall's M7544

I bought this cute seersucker fabric last summer, wanting to make a summery top. I was so happy to find this fabric because this seersucker had more cotton content than polyester. 

Since this pin-dot shirt turned out pretty well, I wanted to make another top using M7544, only this time, less pattern hacking!



I used version D with added sleeve ruffles.


It was quick and easy project and the result is a really cute summer top!

Even though the bodice has so much ease, it felt a bit hard to move around my arms. Which I found it odd, considering the pin-dot shirt is so comfortable in any ways. Perhaps because the pin-dot shirt is button up which I think provides more gives. Plus its sleeves are wider. 

This yellow top is not unwearable though—just wasn't as comfortable as I thought it would be, considering it's such a flowy loose-fitting shape. I didn't sew down the back pleats to give extra movement and it helped a bit. I think the problem (for me) is that the bodice is so wide but the sleeves are pretty slim. I can make them a little bit wider next time to see if that improves with the fit. I could also shorten the sleeves a tad, since they sit right on my elbow right now.

Nonetheless, I like this little number. I like how the sleeve ruffles turned out! I especially like it over my Morgan Jeans.  They together create a really fun relaxed summery style!



このイエロートップも着れないわけでは全くないのですが、思ったより動きにくくて拍子抜けです。笑 なので後ろのプリーツは縫わずにタックにしました。身頃にすごく余裕があるのに、袖が割と細身なんですよね。だからなのかも。次は袖を気持ち大きめに、あと少し短くしてもいいかなと思います。今回のはちょうど肘のあたりなので余計腕を動かした時に気になるのではないかと分析。


McCall's M7544


Jun 25, 2018

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