Green Coco + Frankie

Green Coco + Frankie

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I love Coco dresses (pattern by Tilly and the Buttons). The black star one was made with a wintry fabric, so I had to put it away for now. Naturally, I made another one that I can wear during a warmer season! This time I made it with nice bamboo knit fabric!

このブログを少し前から読んでくださっている方はご存知だと思いますが、ココワンピースがとてもお気に入りで(ココドレスのパターンはTilly and the Buttons)。黒い星柄のココは冬っぽい厚手生地なので一旦クローゼットへ。春にも着られるような物をもう一着縫い足しました。今回はバンブーニット素材で。

The fabric is nice and soft. It's pretty drapey and doesn't have much structure to it. It's comfy but I think I prefer Coco with slightly more structured fabric to show off the beautiful A lined shape that Coco has. I'm probably going to make Ebony with drapey fabric like this next time! That being said, I still like this version and will wear a lot.


I made a small change to the neckline as an experiment. I finished it with a neckband like RTW T-shirts. This makes the garment look more casual. 


Since the fabric is soft and isn't very solid, I probably won't be wearing it as a dress on its own. Instead I will pair it with leggings. In which case, I should've finished the hem shorter...but I ran out of the deep green thread, so until I get some more it will stay at this length. I should wash it a few times before re-hemming to see if they shrink anyway.

Coco by Tilly and the Buttons

思ったよりドレープが強くハリがない生地だったので、これはワンピースとしては着ないと思います。もっぱらレギンスと合わせて着る予定。その場合丈はもっと短い方がバランスがいいですよね。ですが深緑の糸を切らしてしまったのでしばらくそのままで…笑  丈調整前に何度か洗って縮むかどうかも確認しておこうと思います。


同じくTillyさんのパターンで、Frankie T-shirtというもの。こちらの型紙はTillyさんの2作目の本、"Stretch!"に載っています。1作目の"Love at First Stitch"が良かったのです2作目ももちろん購入。

After making Coco, I had some lefter over fabric. So I decided to make a wearable muslin of Frankie T!

Frankie T is another pattern from Tilly. She published her second book, "Stretch!". Since I loved her first book, "Love at First Stitch", I had to get this second one too, so I did.

Frankie is a cute baseball t-shirt. I don't own a raglan sleeve t-shirt, so I wanted to check the fit with left-over fabric first.

Frankie Tシャツはラグラン袖。ラグラン袖のTシャツを持っていないので、どんな感じなのか残り布でまずは試して見たかったのです。

I couldn't cut out the back bodice on fold as instructed, that's why mine has a back seam. I did't do a great job attaching the neck band because the bodices look gathered. Perhaps I cut out the band a bit too short? I really had to stretch out the band as I was sewing on to the bodice and sleeve pieces, hence the gathering.



The back hem is slightly longer than the front hem, it's the style I love!

As it turned out, I love the fit of raglan sleeve t-shirt! It's very comfy. Excited to make more in the future! (Hopefully I can attach the neck band better then.)


Frankie T-shirt


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