Ankle Socks

Ankle Socks

I made another pair of socks! This time for my husband. I made a pair for him last year, although he really liked the design of them, they were too big and too long. So this time he decided he'd like an ankle socks to wear around the house.


Yarn: Hat Trick Semi-Solid in Turf (It's their new colourway and looks like it's not on the online store yet)

This is my first time using a toe-up sock pattern! I'm pretty determined to try different methods of making socks. I love learning new techniques!


I've used Hat Trick yarn before so I already knew this yarn would be great. Beautiful forest green, it's soft but sturdy!

This pair was much more successful than the last one I made for my husband (fitting wise), they fit perfectly!




I haven't made enough socks so I don't have enough data (haha) to decide if I like toe-up or top-down better yet. But I know that toe-up would be perfect if I was using a self-striping yarn and trying to match the stripe on the toes perfectly. I think toe-up would be a better way to go if I was knitting a knee-high socks too.

Another thing I liked about toe-up pattern is Judy's magic cast on! It was really interesting.



トウアップでもう一つ楽しかったのは作り目!Judy's magic cast onという方法で作り目をするのですがちょっと目から鱗でした。

We finally have the days that goes above zero degrees (celsius) and snow has started melting! It's a really messy season...but we're enjoying longer walks. It's been pretty cold this winter and it was hard to go for a long walk especially during February!

I'm not a fan of hot weather (and bugs), so I'm not excited for summer. I do wish spring and fall were longer though!





Mar 17, 2018

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