2018 Recap

2018 Recap

Hi friends, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I know I said that I wanted to share everything I made this year by the end of 2018… well, I think it’s safe to say that’s out the window. I just realized there are only 4 days left in this year, 3 if you don’t count today! So, although I have some items I haven’t been able to share with you yet, I’m gonna go ahead and do a little recap of 2018.

This past January was my 10th anniversary since I moved to Canada (I’m originally from Japan.) But my biggest change of this year is that I started learning something totally new.

I work for an amazing local company; I manage their social media and do photography. I’m so thankful to have this job. I have huge respect for my bosses, and my colleagues are talented and kind. This job really gave me confidence and I’m forever grateful.

But when I think about the future and what could possibly happen, I thought I needed to gain more skills.

I decided to start learning programming languages.

I do a little bit of the online store managing at work (like really simple stuff that doesn’t require any special knowledge), so to know more about coding could help with the job I have now too.

There’re a ton of code learning tools on the internet that make it easier for anyone to start learning at home (without physically attending school.) That was also one of the reasons why I decided to give it a go.

Anyhow, I started learning to code in January, with no previous experience, as a total beginner.

I first started with HTML and CSS and then into the JavaScript maze…

Since I never studied this kind of field before, I wasn’t even sure at all if this was something for me. So I didn’t tell many people about it. First I wanted to try and find out if it was something I could continue learning.

Well, at the slowest pace it may be, I kept going for almost one year!

My goal for 2019 is to be able to output more of what I learned. And that’s the reason why I’m sharing this today!

I can’t remember who said this, but I heard (or more likely read somewhere) someone say, “A person who is brave enough to share their progress and results with others even if it’s a small and elementary one, is the person who makes faster and bigger progress in the end.”

People who are beginners like me are often afraid to share their own code; because we’re scared of being judged or maybe even be embarrassed to share.

But people who overcome that fear and ask for opinions from experienced ones are also the ones who can receive constructive and effective feedback. As a result, they’re more likely to be able to succeed.

That is so right, don’t you think?!

To think back, I went though the same thing when I first started photography.

I wasn’t sure I could call myself a photographer when I had almost no experience. But if I wanted to get a job as a photographer, I needed to refer myself as one with pride and responsibility. It’s a competitive industry, so to share my work on the internet felt like letting myself and my work be judged all the time. That was scary and nerve racking, but eventually I got used to it.

Now I need to be able to do the same with this whole code learning thing!

When one’s learning something new, I think it’s really important and helpful to actually be a part of that community. To do that, I want to start using tools/platforms like GitHub more… not super confident in using it just yet—it’s another thing on my list to learn.

I also would like to start thinking about which direction I want to head towards. There are so many different opportunities with coding, and so many different programming languages you can learn. It all depends on what you want to do/create. There’s no all-mighty language that guarantees you a job for life in this industry (with fast-paced progress). So not sure where I will end up, but I need to pick an interest and go towards it for now.

I may have made this whole learning code thing sound so cool with big words… but the truth is it’s been a struggle. I’m trying so hard just to get my head around it.

I’ve been constantly asking myself “am I smart enough to learn all this?”, “do I have what it takes to succeed in this industry?” this whole year. And I will probably be asking the same for the next while.

I felt pretty good that I kept studying for a year; but when I read/hear about people who are successful, I realized that the amount of effort they put into it far surpass mine.

I think it’s still okay to acknowledge that I kept trying this far, but next year I want to try harder. And I want to make an effort effectively and efficiently.

I really like my current job and would love to keep it as long as the company would let me (hehe); I aimed to work hard for it too. So if I want to make more time to study means to cut down sewing/knitting/blogging time.

I’m planning to make maybe less clothes next year (which is also eco-friendly and sustainability-friendly so I guess that’s a good thing.) I won’t be making things just because I’m interested in the project. I’ll be more choosy of what I need and what I want in my closet.

That probably would lead to less blogging too—but this space is an important outlet for my thoughts. It’s also a good opportunity to practice my English writing and to keep my Japanese writing skill too. So I’ll keep this space and keep blogging for as long as I can!

I made a lot more of basic items this year—used more solid fabric than before, made more wardrobe staples rather than novelty clothes. My closet is starting to look more grown up, haha!

I still like novelty prints and enjoy them every now and then, but this grown-up stuff is new and refreshing to me right now.

This year was also the 10th marriage anniversary for my husband and I. Many things happened in the last decade, but looking back, it went by so fast!

He’s so patient and thoughtful and has always been my biggest supporter. He never says “no” when I want to try and challenge myself to something new. I’m very thankful for him being him.

Momiji’s (our adorable dog) birthday is coming up really soon too—she’s going to be 12 years old! For the most part she still acts like a puppy. But we had some moments which reminded us that she’s not as young as she used to be. We cherish every moment with her and are grateful that she’s healthy.

I’m not sure if I can blog one more time before the end of the year, so I’d like to say this now.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading this blog this year. It means so much to me! I hope this year was kind to you and the next year will be an even better one.

Sometimes we slow down, sometimes we step back for a moment, sometimes we take a detour, sometimes we have to cover our eyes against a strong storm, sometimes we crawl through mud—but we keep moving forward. I had some opportunities this year to talk to friends who are trying hard to make the best of their lives and that is the impression I got from them. 2019 will be the year of boar. We have a saying in Japan— “To make a bold dash forward like a wild boar”. We all have that moment when we need to make a bold move and dive into something new head-first, to push ourselves forward. Maybe 2019 is that year for some of us.

Let’s make every moment count. Here’s to a new year!

Dec 28, 2018



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