Floral Archer Shirt

Floral Archer Shirt

Before I went on the trip to Vancouver last month, I made a few things for the trip most of which I haven’t blogged yet! I’m trying to share everything I made this year before the end of the year… we’ll see.

First thing I made for the trip is Archer Button Up Shirt. It’s another great pattern from Grainline Studio. Archer is pretty much THE basic shirt pattern I was looking for. It’s classic and loosely fitted, almost like a boyfriend shirt. No darts waist shaping (which is great for a lady-like blouse, but I was going for a boyfriend shirt vibe.) Back pleat, cuffs, back yoke, pockets, all the details for a traditional button up shirt are there.

I used viscose from Blackbird Fabrics in navy—beautiful light weight floral print fabric!


旅行のために作ったものその1は花柄のシャツ。Grainline Studioのパターン、Archer Button Up Shirtです。英語だと、button downはワイシャツによくある、衿を留める小さなボタンが衿先に付いているもの。衿先のボタンがない、それ以外のボタン開閉のシャツをbutton upと言います。先ほど日本語でボタンアップと調べてみたら、日本語のファッション用語ではボタンアップカラーというまた別のものがあり、何だかややこしいですね。


ネイビーの花柄ビスコースはBlackbird Fabricsにて購入。

Looove how this turned put! Since this is viscose and very flowy, I thought this one is in between a blouse and a shirt…so I omitted the first (top) button that is supposed to be on the collar band.


Love the back yoke with pleat! I love shirt designs that have back pleats or gathered detail.


I wanted a longer hem on the back, so I drafted the biggest size of the pattern just for the hem length.


I also really love the cuffs on Archer. It doesn’t use the seams to make an opening like those easy quick blouse patterns I used before. Rather, you cut the fabric and attach a placket. It’s a bit tricky but they have a good instruction that makes it easier. I also like the little pleats beside the opening. Oh and, they have a great tutorial video on how to sew the collar band. I always struggled with how to finish the end where the collar band meets the button plackets. I finally know the proper way to do it thanks to their tutorial!


Archer Button Up Shirt

I think, generally speaking, making a button up (or down) shirt is more time consuming and requires certain skills. But so satisfying! Archer is already my favourite shirt pattern. I’ve made a second one and am planning on making another.


Dec 18, 2018

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