The Traveller Crossbody Bag

The Traveller Crossbody Bag

I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween! Another year nearly gone… I’ve been a bit busy lately and I seem to write blog posts about a month after each project is finished. But hey, at least I’m still blogging, right?


I had this idea of making a simple crossbody bag for a while. It’s no secret I enjoy carrying a stylish leather handbag but the fabric bags are so light and functional too! They’re pretty handy for everyday casual uses. I use this grey tote bag a lot, it’s what I’ve been using the most since I made it.

I sew the The Traveller crossbody bag pattern on Instagram and it looked like a good one, so I gave it a go. I used a grey canvas for the shell and cute mint-blue for the lining. If you though it was déjà vu, you’re totally right. This is my third grey / mint-blue combo purse. In fact, these fabrics are both left over from this backpack that I made.


インスタグラム経由で発見した、The Traveller crossbody bagの型紙がちょうど良さそうだったの使ってみることにしました。表生地はグレーのキャンバス、内布はミントブルー!なんか既視感が、と思った方、その通りなんです。グレーとミントブルーの組み合わせでバッグを作るのはこれが3度目。今回使った布は実はこのリュックの残り布なんです。

I quite like it! I mostly used the pattern as it is with a small changes. I omitted the piping on the outer front pocket. I also didn’t sew down the centre of the outer front pocket and left as one big pocket. Inside of the bag, there are pockets on each side. I think I would add a zipper to the big pocket inside next time.


I love the zipped pocket on the outer back! It’s a little bit more work to install a zipper to a pocket, but it makes it much more practical.


I’m happy with the size too; it’s not too big but all of my essentials fit in comfortably.


Hand-knit sweater is I See Spring by Joji Locatelli and you can find the article here.

この手編みセーターはJoji LocatelliさんのI See Springというパターンで、詳細はこちら

Oct 28, 2018

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