Linen Dress

Linen Dress

When I saw a beautiful selection of mid-weight linen fabric over at Blackbird Fabrics, I had to get some. They carry so many pretty colours and making a decision was hard! I ended up getting some of red and navy teal (I think the navy teal is currently out of stock.)

I always wanted to add a good quality linen dress to my wardrobe. I wanted something simple with drape, so I decided to do a pattern hack using McCall’s M6465.

Changes I made are:

  • Made the neck opening slightly smaller

  • Closed the darts and to compensate, I added more flare to the hem

  • Added some flare to the back bodice & skirt

  • Added slit opening and a button on the back

夏の始まりごろ、お気に入りの布屋さん(カナダのオンラインストア Blackbird Fabrics)で質の良さそうなリネン生地を発見し、これは購入しなければ!となりました。綺麗な色がたくさんでどの色にしようか迷った末、レッドとネイビーティールにしました。

リネンの質感を活かすため、型紙はとてもシンプルなMcCall’s M6465を使い手を加えてみることに。


  • 襟開きを少し小さくした

  • ダーツを閉じてその分裾にかけてフレアを足した

  • 後ろもフレアを足した

  • 後ろ襟ぐりにスラッシュあきとボタンを追加

It’s super simple! It show cases the drape of the linen beautifully, I think. One thing I wasn’t really aware is that this is a mid-weight linen. While it has a nice weight to it (and fairly opaque), I can feel the weight if I wear it for a long time (especially standing up and walking.) Having said that, this trapeze-like style uses a lot of fabric, so if it was a sheath dress or a top that don’t require a lot of fabric would have been fine.


Another thing I didn’t know was that linen fabric fray like crazy! I mean, it frays A LOT! I was constantly wiping, dusting, and vacuuming my sewing area during this project. I really like the end result of quality linen fabric but I’m not a huge fan of the process… The red fabric I bought with this one would have to wait to be used for a while (I don’t feel like dealing with linen right now, haha!)

もう一つの発見は、リネンは切った端から糸くずがものすごい出てくるということ!ちょっとびっくりするくらい。笑 これを作っている間、かなり頻繁にハンディモップ的なものを使ったりコロコロしたり掃除機かけたりしました。裁断したら即ロックミシンまたはジグザクミシンした方が良さそうですね。リネン、出来上がりはとても好きな質感なのですが途中経過の掃除が大変なので、同時に買った赤いリネン生地はしばらく寝かせようと思います。笑


Linen is considered as summer fabric but since this is mid-weight in deep colour, I intended to be a transition piece. Something I can wear at the end of summer through fall with a cardigan/jacket.



Oct 14, 2018

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