Star Coco

Star Coco

After I made my first Coco Dress, I was in love. I was wearing it so much that I needed a second one!

Coco Dress is designed by Tilly and the Buttons

Coco Dress Pattern in print

Coco Dress Pattern in PDF




For my second Coco I used a star printed knit; this fabric is a bit heavier than my first Coco, it's kind of like french terry, I think. 

I went down a size just around the neck opening and the shoulders just like I said I would in the last Coco post. It fits me better now!


I love making Coco and wearing it so much, you guys. It's a fast sewing and super comfortable! Great to pair with tights or leggings. I'll be making many more.



I also want to make a simple top with this pattern as I lack of simple T-shirts in my closet.

This is a short post but that's because I said everything I had to say about this awesome pattern in the last Coco post. All I have left to say is that I love my second Coco just as much as the first one!


短い記事ですが、詳しいことは1着目のココの記事を参照くださいませ。そちらに大体の感想は書いてあるので…今回は2着目も1着目と負けず劣らず使い勝手よくお気に入りとなりました!とまとめておきます。 😊


Jan 31, 2018

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