Space Dress: McCall’s M6741

Space Dress: McCall’s M6741

Back in November 2017, we (husband and I) went to a Star Wars orchestra concert with friends. We both love Star Wars and we go see Star Wars movies at theatre every year, but I don't own a single Star Wars themed clothing! So I decided to do something about it.

Initially I was looking for a Star Wars licensed print fabric but I had no luck finding something I love.  But I came across with this really cute space print fabric, in one of my favourite colours, mint!



Since the event we were going to was an orchestra concert, I wanted to make something classy.  So I chose McCall's M6741, M6741 has princess seams. The fit and flare dress pattern I normally use have darts on bodice, and bodice and skirt pieces are separated at waist. M6741, however, have continues bodice and skirt pieces, separated by princes seams vertically.

オーケストラコンサートということで上品な形のワンピースにしたいなぁとMccall's M6741の型紙を使いました。


I probably wouldn't use this pattern for a fabric that requires print matching because I'm not a fan of print (pattern) placement... but for solid or small print like this space fabric, I love this pattern!


The flare in the skirt created by princess seams are so elegant! And since there's no seams across the waist (horizontally), it's really comfortable when sitting down. It might be because I made it a tad too big, I used my usual size but M6741 seemed to be biggger than some other patterns. I think I will cut out a size smaller next time.


McCall's M6741

The skirt is pretty full which I like! I moved the pocket to the side instead of front seams, I feel like side seam pockets make more sense to me.


McCall's M6741

I think it looks really cute with a matching coloured cardigan!

This dress was perfect for an orchestra (and the concert was amazing! Loved it), but maybe not for watching movies (for me anyway.) I like to be dressed in a comfortable clothes when I go to the theatre for a movie. I'm still on a hunt for cute Star Wars fabric preferably in knit... If you see any, please let me know!



なのでスターウォーズ柄の布探しは続行中。できればニット生地がいいかな〜。もし良さそうなのをご存知の方がおりましたらご一報くださいませ。 (^-^)

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