Robin Sweater

Robin Sweater

I am so happy that I was able to finish this project because it had been a long process.

I first started it in late October and finally finished it in January!

The reason it took so long was because after finishing kitting the body completely, I decided to frog it almost entirely and re-knit. When I tried it on, it was too big and although re-knitting almost the whole body again seemed a lot of work, I wanted to love it so that I'd wear it more.

And it was the right decision! After knitting a size down, I'm much happier with the fit and I think it'll get a lot of wear!




パターンはRobin by Josée Paquin。糸はCascade Yarns Ultra Pima Fine の 3801 Silverと3724 Armada。


The pattern I used is Robin by Josée Paquin.

The yarns I used are Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima Fine in 3801 Silver and 3724 Armada.

I was drawn to the high and low hem and the dolman sleeves of this pattern!

Suggested yarn for this pattern is a wool blend, but I used 100% cotton. I wanted to try making something that I can wear all year round, like cotton breton shirts.

I didn't follow the pattern for the stripe placements, but that's an easy change to make. I did follow the pattern for the distance between each stripe, though.

I'm loving my striping colour choices! I picked silver (on the warmer side, close to linen colour) because I didn't want it to be high contrast like white and black. This natural colour seemed like a good choice for both warmer and cooler seasons!

Armada is also a pretty colour; it's slightly lighter than navy which I really like.



Robin was a pretty simple, easy to follow sweater pattern. I'm really pleased with the shape of the hem!

This cotton yarn is really soft and not itchy at all, because the sweater has a loose fit and breezy, I think it'll be pretty comfortable to wear in spring too.

The down side of 100% cotton is that it's heavier than wool or wool blends. It's not enough to bother me this time, but if I made something bigger or longer, it would feel like it's stretching and weighing down.

For that reason, I might consider using cotton-wool blend next time I want to make an all year around sweater. The suggested yarn for Robin is Nuna by Mirasol which is silk, wool, and rayon blend. That sounds like a really good blend too.





 Robin by Josée Paquin

Dolman sleeves are really comfy, and since I went a size down it's not too baggy to move my arms too!


 Robin by Josée Paquin

The asymmetric hem is very modern and interesting!

I knit cardigans and knitted jacket here and there but I rarely knit pullover sweaters. This might be my first one! (Edited: I thought about it and it's not my first! I've made a few summer cropped sweaters before. But this might be my first long sleeved one.)

カーディガンやニットコートは時々編むのですが、プルオーバーって滅多に編まないので新鮮でした。もしかしたらこれが初めてかもしれません〜! (追記。よく考えたら全然初めてじゃありませんでした。夏用のクロップド丈のものならいくつか編んでました。でも長袖の普通丈プルオーバーは初めてかも。)


Feb 9, 2018

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