No Misteaks

No Misteaks

This is the last post of 2017 makes! Hooray!








My mom gifted cooking aprons to my parents-in-law (my hubby's parents) while ago because they really like non-haltered neck aprons which they're hard to find here in Canada. Here, it seems like halter neck aprons are most common but in Japan (where I'm from, also where my family lives), non-haltered neck ones seems more popular.

I don't like wearing anything halter neck, so I always prefer the non-haltered neck aprons too.

My mom got them matching cooking aprons, made with really nice solid denim fabric.

My father-in-law told me that he would love a bit of something to add since the apron was simple, so I decided to do some embroidery!

He's definitely the barbecue master in our family; some of the steaks he cooked for us were the one of the best steaks I've ever had. So it was really easy to decide what design I should embroider, something barbecue of course.

I got a help from my husband to design an illustration and the type, and then I traced it and hand embroidered it. (My sewing machine isn't a embroidery machine so the hand embroidery it is!)

I embroidered a steak along with the line "No Misteaks" (get it?!)

I embroidered it on the piece of black twill fabric like a patch and sewed it on the apron.

刺繍したのはステーキと、No Misteaksの文字。(steakとmistakeをかけてます。義父のステーキは失敗なし!いつも美味しいので。)



I think it turned out pretty good!

Hand embroidery is time consuming so I don't do it often, but I really like it. I always wish I had time to do more...

I think my father-in-law was happy with it too, he's the kind of person who appreciates the thoughts more than how perfect it is. He's very sweet.



If you're wondering how this type of aprons look in the back, they look like this below. It's not the same apron as I forgot to take a photo of the black one, but they're basically the same.


It's buttoned at the back waist, but I always wear it without the button and it's no problem!



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