Lottie Dress

Lottie Dress

If you follow a few sewing bloggers who use indie designer patterns, you might have heard a designer whose name is Christine Haynes. She's the designer of Emery Dress, a very popular fit and flare dress pattern with sleeves (I have a copy too! My Emery Dress posts are here).

When she made an announcement that her patterns would be in PDFs only in the future, I was able to snatch one of the last copies of Lottie Dress!

欧米(特に北米かな?)のインディーデザイナー型紙を使う人ならばおそらく聞いたことがあるのではと思うのですが、デザイナーのChristine Haynesさん。Emery Dressという袖付きフィットアンドフレアワンピースがとっても人気のデザイナーさんです。(私もこの型紙持ってます。記事はこちら。)

で、そのクリスティーンさんが今後型紙の販売はPDFのみにしますと発表された際、まだ残っていた紙のパターンを運良く購入することができました。Lottie Dressです。

The pattern description says:

"The Lottie Dress and Shirt are loose fitting wardrobe staples with three sleeve and three length options for 18 mix and match combinations. 

All three views pull over the head without the need for closures, making it a great project for a new sewer, or a fast sew for someone more experienced."

This is totally my kind of pattern! Easy to make, comfortable to wear.

サイトの説明によりますと、"Lottie Dress (とトップ) はルースフィットなワードローブの定番。3つの袖と3つの丈のオプションで(ポケットとの有無を入れると)18通りの組み合わせができます。プルオーバータイプで開閉なしで着ることができ、ビギナーさんや手早く縫い上げたい人にもおすすめ"とのこと。( 訳が下手ですみません。)



I had this beautiful fabric that I purchased when I was in Vancouver last year. The fabric had sort of like a panel print that I didn't want to break up by too many seams and darts. So simple and clean pattern like Lottie seemed like a good match to show case the print!

This fabric got a bit of retro vibes which I love, perhaps because of the floral pattern and the colour?


I made a long sleeve version this time. I really like patterns that have lots of sleeve options. Even without the long sleeve expansion, the short sleeves aren't too short for those who doesn't like showing upper arms (me). I'm already planning on making a summery maxi dress with short sleeves.


If you've been following along my sewing journey, you know how much I don't like pattern (print) matching! So you'd be very proud to see I did my best to pattern match the pockets! I think It went pretty well.


Lottie Dress

I think this pattern will get used a lot in the future!



Jan 31, 2018

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