Water Drops Top

Water Drops Top

Hello! It's been a bit quiet here the past couple of weeks. It's been a busy summer/fall for me and I haven't finished many projects lately. But! There're some sewing/knitting projects for fall which I've been planning in my head that I'd love to start soon. 



What I'm sharing today is something I finished making back in August.

I love simple and comfy pull-over tops, something I can throw it on and be all ready to go out when I don't need to dress up.

I made this top (photo below) in 2011, not long after I started sewing clothing. It's made with double gauze with lots of gathers around the neck and has raglan sleeves. It's such a easy thing to wear and great to pair with jeans, I still wear this piece a lot. So I wanted to recreate something similar.




I used a cotton lawn fabric this time, this lawn is really light and soft.

使用した型紙はベースは、花柄ブラウスと同じFemale 2010年夏号記載のもの。

The pattern is from a Japanese sewing magazine called "female", an issue published in 2010.


Changes I made this time are: lengthened the hems, and added a bow tie. To make the tie, I referred to this top pattern.



V字開きはこんな感じになってます。↓ This is how the V-shape neck opening looks like.

横から見た図。↓ The side view. I love high and low hems!





I thought that I made the neck opening too wide to my liking, but looking at the photo it looks ok. It actually makes it look very summery so I guess that's not a bad thing. This top is light weight and flowy, great to wear in a hot weather!

さて、9月に入りぐんと涼しい日も増え、週間天気予報にも最低気温0度の日がちらほらみられるようになりました(←翌日になったらその予報は0から3度とかに変わってました。でもどちらにしろ寒いですね。) 木々の黄葉(この辺りは紅く色づく木よりも黄色が多いんです)も始まりました。秋は私の一番好きな季節。ですがこの地域では秋は本当にあっという間!本格的な冬がやって来る前に、秋を思いっきり満喫しておかなければ。冬は冬で好きなのですが寒すぎるとお散歩にも支障が出るので、虫や日焼けの心配もなく寒過ぎず暑過ぎず、絶好のお散歩シーズンを愛犬とともに楽しもうと思います。



Sep 14, 2017

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