Linen Scarf

Linen Scarf

I've been wanting to try using Euroflax Sprot by Louet for a while. It's 100% wet spun linen in sport weight, beautiful summery yarn.

I finally picked up a couple skeins in June to make a scarf as a birthday gift for my mom. I picked Limestone colourway. (Edit: I totally lied about the whole "first time using Euroflax" thing! I actually made a market crocheted bag a couple years ago. But it is my first time making a garment using 100% linen yarn.)

Pattern (編み図): Diagonal Lace Scarf & Wrap by Churchmouse Yarns

コットンと並び、夏糸の代表とも言えるリネンの糸。ずっとLouetというメーカーのEuroflax Sportを使ってみたいと思っていました。Euroflaxはリネン100%のスポーツウェイト(合太程度)です。

今年の6月ついにEuroflaxを購入し、母の誕生日プレゼントにスカーフを編んでみました。お色はLimestone。使用した編み図は上記の通り。(追記。Euroflax編むのが初というの、嘘でした!笑 2年くらい前にEuroflaxでかぎ針編みのマーケットバッグを編んだことを思い出しました。100%リネンの糸で身につけるものを編むのはこれが初めて、という部分は本当(なはず)です。)


Euroflax is made out of linen so it has a crunchy texture, but soft enough to knit and didn't bother my fingers or hands. When I finished binding off, I liked it but wasn't in love. Then after blocking, I loooooved it! It blocked out really beautifully. It still had a bit of crunchy texture of linen (which I actually like, perfect texture for a summer garment), but wasn't scratchy on my skin at all and soft enough to have gorgeous drape.

The pattern was pretty easy and simple, was a perfect project to work on as I watch some movies! I really like the diagonal lace pattern, I think it's very stylish.


The pattern comes in two sizes; scarf and wrap (slightly wider than a scarf.) I cast on a few stitches fewer than a wrap size, so I went in between scarf and wrap sizes.

It's not too wide or thick but I like how you can put it on like a wrap too.


I found the texture and the feel of linen yarn very comfortable. I would really love to make a summery top with this yarn for myself someday!


I think this scarf is perfect in spring, summer, and fall. I really love the feel of linen yarn, hopefully my mom liked it too! I now understand why Euroflax is such a popular linen yarn, I'd love to knit with it again.





Aug 16, 2017

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