Pink Floral Wrap Dress: Butterick B5030

Pink Floral Wrap Dress: Butterick B5030

I started planning what to wear to the mountain wedding around April. I knew the wedding was in July and outdoor, so possibility of being pretty warm or even hot. I wanted something light and summery but at the same time classy and formal. And I knew exactly which fabric to get!

It's another beautiful viscose poplin from Blackbird Fabrics.

I've already used my yellow one and black one and I love them both.



This time I got it in pink! I thought pink would be the most summery, wedding-y colour. It was the last time for Blackbird to restock this fabric, I was lucky to be able to snatch some before it got quickly sold out.


So with this pretty viscose, I wanted to make another Butterick B5030. Remember I made a wearable-muslin of it back in April? That was because I wanted to make a wedding guest dress with this pattern!

この布で作ろうと思ったのはButterick B5030、4月に作ったブルーのラップワンピースを覚えてくださっている方もいるかもしれません。実はこの時のためにブルーのワンピースで試作したのです〜!


After making the blue one, I knew I wasn't a huge fan of the front bodice bands, and so I decided to use view F without the collar.

After I put together the bodice, something felt not right, something was missing. Because this fabric is so light and soft, it looked too flat and plain, almost. I unpicked front darts and changed them into gathers and voilà! That's just what I needed. I think the gathers added some texture and depth.


I kept the back darts as they are instructed.


I made the skirt a tad longer with this one, I originally wanted to make a maxi dress but then I didn't want it to get dirty outside and I can't really pull off maxi dresses as I'm short. So I kept it more like a midi-length.

スカートは前回より少しだけ長くしました。本当はマキシ丈にしたかったのですが、参列する挙式が屋外ということもあり長いと汚すかも?と心配になり。笑 背が低くてマキシはあまり似合わないということもあって、ミモレ丈っていうんでしょうか、そんな丈にしてみました。


The wedding day was hot (35℃), and I was wearing a slip underneath but! It was still breezy, light, easy to move around, and my shoulders and arms were protected from the sun. It was actually perfect to wear on that day! 


Though I'm really happy with this dress, after making two wrap dresses, I might have come to the conclusion that wrap dresses aren't exactly for me... It uses a lot of fabric and I have to be always careful not to flash my legs by accident Σ(・□・;)(Though I should mention that skirts overlap pretty deeply with this pattern so there's less chance of that happening.) I still really like the design of bodice, so in the future, I'm going to try wrap dress-style patterns like B6204, B6438B6051, M7081 and V9146. I didn't even know that this kind of style of dresses are called "surplice dress"!

そんなわけで機能性もしっかり果たしてくれたこのワンピース、とても満足しているのですが、ラップワンピースを2着作ってみて、私あまりラップワンピース(巻きスカートタイプ)がタイプではないかも。と気がつきました。この型紙はスカート同士の重なりが深いのでそこまで心配しなくていいのですが、風が吹いたり椅子に座ったりする時にうっかりめくれないように気をつけるのがちょっと億劫で。笑 それに布量もたくさん要りますし。でもこの身頃の重なる感じ(カシュクール?)はとても好きなので、今度はスカート部分は重ならない、ラップ風ワンピースを作ってみようかな?なんて考えてます。狙っているパターンはこの辺り。→B6204, B6438B6051, M7081,  V9146.

Anyways, here's a picture of me in the dress and my hubby in dashing suit at the wedding ceremony location! Such a beautiful mountain view. I might look like I'm wearing white tights, but I'm not. It was just really bright that day and my legs look washed out in the photo! haha. My clutch is also a me-made, check it out here.



なんだか白いタイツを履いているように見えますが、履いてないです。笑 日差しが強くて脚部分が色飛びしているんだと思います〜。クラッチはパンプスに合わせた淡い色合いの方が良かったかなと思いますが、新たに増やすのもなと思い以前作ったパールクラッチを持ちました。



Jul 14, 2017

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