FO: Winterfolk

FO: Winterfolk

I'm really excited this day has finally come! Ok, I'm a bit over reacting right now, but still, I'm happy that I finally finished this project. And I'm even happier that the finished object is a perfect fit. I'm in love!

If you haven't been following this project, read "WIP: Winterfolk" to catch up :)



It was a big project and because I didn't work on it as often as I wanted to, it took awhile to finish it. However, this well written pattern by Joji Locatelli was pleasant to knit, and the combination of stockinette stitches and cables felt fairly fast to knit (despite the size of the garment.)

Pattern: Winterfolk by Joji Locatelli

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in colourway 9558 Pale Blue Heather


When I finish up a project and the more I think I like it, the scarier to block it. What if it shrinks? What if it stretches out too much? etc.. Even though I usually wash and block the swatch according to the care and handling instruction of the yarn to test it before I start knitting a real thing.

I was nervous about this coat too, because it took so long to knit up, if it didn't fit after blocking I would have been so sad. After a wash, it did stretch a bit as I suspected, but not too much. Aaaand, it fits! It fits pretty well. I did a little happy dance when I first tried it on.


今回もほんの少し伸びた気はしますが、概ね予想通り。乾き終わって着てみたらサイズもok!  ホッとして小躍りしました。

I've knitted a few coats/long cardigans before, and this is hands down my favourite so far. Love the giant, but delicate and sophisticated cables, flared A-line shape, a hood, a big button... Simple yet interesting, modern yet fairy-tale like.


The only change I made other than the lengths is buttons. The instruction says to attach a second button hidden to hold the fronts but I attached some snap fasteners instead to make it more secure. (See the photo below)


For the top button, I chose a round wooden one for a natural look. The loop is made out of an i-cord. I'm sort of new to making i-cords but it's so much fun to knit, it's addictive.


I feel like an elf from The Lord of the Rings when I put this on... (though my height, body figure and appetite suggest I'm more of a hobbit.)


Winterfolk by Joji Locatelli
Winterfolk by Joji Locatelli

Again, I'm really really happy with this and I think it's worthy of all the time I put into. Because of the clean design, this is going to be very versatile, I can definitely wear this on a chilly day in spring and fall, not just during winter.

I'm officially a big fan of Joji's designs. I'd love to knit some of her pull-overs like Rhapsody in Cables or I see spring hopefully later this year.



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Jun 6, 2017

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