Pin-Tucked Button-Up Dress: Butterick B6208

Pin-Tucked Button-Up Dress: Butterick B6208

As long as I can remember, blue has been my favourite colour absolutely. So naturally, I have lots of blues in my closet, especially in summer. I just can't resist blue fabric... When I found this pretty chambray (I think that's what the label said), I knew right away what I wanted to make with.

And that's Butterick B6208!

I ordered this pattern in spring and have been waiting to make a breezy casual dress with it for summer. The light weight chambray was a perfect match.




I really like tucks, especially pintucks! I was drawn to the ruffled short sleeves on view B, but ruffled sleeves are hard to put a jacket or cardigan on top of them, so I decided to make a regular half sleeves for more versatility. 


I've made a couple of changes: 

  • Used view A's sleeves, shortened 
  • Added more flare to the skirt  
  • Added an elastic to the entire back width on the waist 
  • Added two more buttons 

I wanted to maintain certain casual-ness, so I was careful not to add too much flare. But the amount I added helps to make it look more like a dress, rather than a long length tunic, I think.

Originally this dress/tunic has a few centimetres of gather and then tied with a belt. I haven't really been able to put a belt so that the dress evenly gathers around the waist, hence the elastic. I didn't make it too tight, as I wanted this dress to be breezy and flowy.


  • 袖はバージョンAを使い半袖になるよう短く調整
  • スカート部分を切り開いてフレアを足した
  • 後ろ身頃のウエストにゴムを足した
  • ボタン2つ分足した



What I really liked about this dress is its front extension (pictured above.) It prevents an inner wear peaking out between buttons! Pretty clever. Oh and another clever little detail of this dress is that there's a tuck on each side of front shoulders to the bust. They're pretty much hidden under the pin-tucks, but they're there to create a shape.


Back yoke and gathered back, another cute details and the gather ensure the comfy-ness!


The neck opening is also just right. This kind of neck band opening is my favourite lately.


Belt loops made with thread to hold the belt in place.

I've already worn this dress a couple of times, and I LOVED it! Super comfortable, breezy, relaxed, casual, clean, just about everything you want with a summer dress is in this dress. I'm definitely going to make another one in a different fabric!



Butterick B6208


Jul 3, 2017

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