Blue Stripe Peplum Top

Blue Stripe Peplum Top

After I made these pants, I wanted to make a top to go with them and I knew I wanted to try making a peplum top! I found this really cute striped fabric, I love how the stripes aren't perfect, it's like brush strokes.


It's from Sevenberry (made in Japan) that I found at a local fabric store here in Canada!

The pattern I used is Butterick B6175, semi fitted simple top.

使ったパターンはこちらのButterick B6175。シンプルなブラウスです。

Butterick B6175

I got this pattern because I was looking for a very simple, almost like a T-shirt top pattern with shorter length. I thought this would be pretty versatile since it has a couple sleeve and hem line options (I'm definitely going to make a scalloped hem one in the future!) 

Tシャツみたいなシンプルさと短めな丈が良いなと思ってゲットしたこちらの型紙。袖と裾のバリエーションがあるので色々使えそう♫ 特にスカラップの裾は近い将来作ろうと目論んでいるもの!

I cropped the length this time in order to attach a peplum, and I used sleeves on view E. Originally this is a pull-over top with a back keyhole closure, but I added a invisible zipper on the back, just to make it easier to put it on and off.

I've also shortened the sleeves, and deepened the neck opening.

The peplum pieces are simply cut rectangular! :)



Since I added a zipper, I thought of adding back darts (the pattern already has french darts on the front by the way) but I ended up not, because in summer loose fitting tops are always more comfy and cool.


I'm pretty happy with the neckline that I deepened a bit.


I never owned a peplum top but I really like it! Sewing one was sort of "best of both worlds" because it's a top but it's kinda like a dress too. If I'm not sure whether to make a top or a dress in the future, I'm going to make a peplum top!



Sewing pants also has given me a joy to sew cute tops this summer!



Jun 15, 2017

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