Blue Pants: Burda 6689

Blue Pants: Burda 6689

My second pair of trousers are done! This time I made a pair with summery blue stretch fabric (bottom weight). I've been collecting some pants patterns and I wanted to try a different one from my first pair, so I went with Burda 6689.

2本目のパンツが完成しましたー!今回は目の覚めるような青い生地で。ボトムス向けのストレッチが入っている生地です。最近パンツの型紙を少しずつ集めているので、1本目とは違う型紙に挑戦したく、2本目はBurda 6689を使ってみました。

Burda 6689

I used version B for slightly cropped lengths and I added rolled up hems and patch pockets on the back instead of welt pockets.


I liked how smoothly these were put together and the instruction was pretty clear too! I really like the darts in the back and belt loop details.

Most of the pants patterns that I own have a right side fly (open and close the zipper with left hand) and at first I thought I made a mistake! But just like women's shirts and jackets, it's apparently common for women's pants to have the fly on the right side overlapping the left. Jeans used to be sort of an exception since they were considered "unisex".  It's easy to change so that the pants would have a left side fly but I didn't find it difficult to use the zipper with my left hand, so I left it as it is.


ところで、私の持っているパンツの型紙はファスナー開きが右側が上に来るものばかりなのですが(つまり左手でファスナー開閉)、最初間違えちゃったのかと思いました。笑 でも実のところは女性もののパンツはシャツやジャケットと同様右上のものも結構あるようですね。ジーンズは例外でほぼ常に男女同じ左上(右手で開閉)なんだとか。この部分を左右変えるのは難しくないのですが、私は左手でファスナーを使うことに特に違和感がなかったのでそのままにしました。

Front side pockets

They were a bit baggy in the leg are so instead of 1.5cm seam allowance, I used about 2.5~3cm seam allowance. After that they fit a lot better.

I wanted these to fit like boyfriend jeans sort of style, but I haven't owned pants like that for a long time (I've been wearing mostly skinny fit jeans), so I'm not really sure if this is how they are supposed fit. I think they're fine around legs, but it feels like maybe there's excessive fabric under the zipper and the front pockets area, just above thighs. Maybe I'll try to pinch out a bit there next time. The pattern suggests lightweight wool or tencel, so what I used might have been a tad too thick or stiff and that could be what's causing it.

Overall, fitting turned out fine, they feel comfortable around the waist/hip/butt.


ボーイフレンドデニムのような形にしたかったのですが、思えば私そういう形のパンツを持っておらず(持っているジーンズはスキニーばかり。) ボーイフレンドのフィット感の正解がよく分からないということに気がつきました。笑 縫い代修正後、脚部分はなかなか良いかな。ですが、ファスナーとポケットの下、太もも付け根あたりに余分な生地が余っている気がします。次回はここの部分を少しつまんで削るかも。型紙には薄手のウールやテンセルがオススメの生地をして挙げられていたのでもしかしたら今回使った生地は若干厚手、ハリがありすぎて、そう感じるのかもしれません。


(These blue pants remind me of Tombo's outfit from Kiki's Delivery by the way, haha)

I haven't yet perfected the fit but I gotta say I've been really enjoying making pants! 




Jun 13, 2017

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