Ruffle Top

Ruffle Top

I see lots of tops with ruffles on the neckline this season... while they're really cute, I thought the style would add too much volume to my figure that they weren't for me. BUT! I saw super elegant ruffle tops on Emily's Instagram. They caught my eyes for a few reasonsー1) the ruffles were flared instead of gathered, 2) There were no elastics around the neckline, 3) they weren't off-the-shoulder. And I loved those details so much! No elastics and no gathered neckline made it look so much more cleaner and I thought maybe, this might work with my figure!

Not only does Emily make great outfits, she's also very generous. She shares her sewing techniques and tips on her blog, Emily Hallman Designs! Her ruffle tops are shared here. Her blog is full of great inspirations! (She's so gorgeous, plus she has two beautiful Great Danes!)

Unfortunately for me, the pattern she used is out-of-print, so I decided to try drafting the ruffles on my own.

今季(今年だけじゃなく夏は毎年かな?)、ネックラインにフリルのついたトップスを見かけることが多い気がします。すっごく可愛いんですが、私は華奢ではないのでボリュームが出過ぎるなぁと思い、避けていたデザインなんです。 ところが!とあるソーイングブロガーさんのインスタで見かけたトップがとても素敵で。フリルがギャザーではなくフレアだったこと、ネックラインがゴムではなかったこと、オフショルダーではなかったこと、の3点が特に好みでした。ギャザーやゴムではないからネックラインがすっきりしていて、これなら私でも着られるかも!と思わせてくれるデザイン。


エミリーさんがフリルトップに使われた型紙は残念ながら今絶版のようなので、私はMcCall's M6465を身頃に使い、フリル(フレア)部分は自分で引いてみることに。(この型紙はちょっと前にワンピースを作るのに使いました。)

I used McCall's M6465 for bodice. (See the dress I made recently with this pattern here.)


I used a sleeveless version and some of the adjustments I made to the bodice are:

  • Shortened the bodice length
  • Added about 1cm to the each side of the bottom to make A-line shape
  • Added seam allowance to the back instead of cutting it on fold


  • 身頃の丈をトップ仕様に短く
  • 身頃の裾に向かって脇1cmずつ足しAラインを強調
  • 後ろ身頃はわで取らず、その分縫い代を足した

Here's how I drafted the ruffles (I have no background in pattern making education, so this is probably not the best way to do it, but it turned out ok!) Click photos to enlarge. Please excuse my bad hand writing!

  1. Trace the neckline area of the front bodice pattern on a paper (seam allowances included.) Draw a vertical line along the front bodice centre. 
  2. Draw a diagonal line from a point a bit above the centre neckline. This angle will determine how much flare the ruffle is going to have. If you like more subtle flare, make it closer to 90 degrees.
  3. Draw curved line (sort of a circle) that matches with the neckline length. I added an extra 2cm so that the seam would sit slightly in the back rather than on top of my shoulder.
  4. Choose a length you want the ruffles to be, draw the line.
  5. Repeat same thing with the back. Don't forget to subtract 2 cm in step 3 (because you added 2cm to the front!)

I made the front and the back to have about the same amount of flare, but I might make it less in the back next time. 

フレア部分は上に載せた画像↑のように引いて見ました。型紙の引き方など勉強したことがありませんのでこれがベストではないと思われますが、出来上がりは大丈夫でした。笑 (画像はクリックで拡大します。字が下手ですがお許しくださいませ。)

  1. 前身頃のネックラインあたりを紙に写す(私が使った型紙はすでに縫い代が含まれていました)。それを元に、身頃中心に沿って直線を引く。(Place on fold=わで取る)
  2. ネックラインの中心から少し上の地点より斜めに線を引く。この時のアングルによってフレアの分量が決まります。もっと控えめな分量がお好みの場合は90度に近い角度で引くと良いかと思います。
  3. ネックラインの長さプラス2cm足した長さの円らしき(形は多少適当でも大丈夫)線を書く。前と後ろのフレアの縫い線が肩の上ではなく、後ろ側に来るように2cm足しました。
  4. お好きな長さを決めて線を描く。
  5. ほぼ同じような型紙を後ろ用にも作る。前で2cm足した分は忘れずにマイナスしてくださいね。


This is how mine turned out!



Back and side view

Its got some volume when you look at it from the side, but I think it's still pretty cute! I'm loving how the fabric falls nicely, and the clean neckline!

This is how it looks like underneath. It's a simple tank top inside, so I'm hoping this will be breezy and comfy in summer.

フレアをめくるとこんな感じ。笑 いたって普通のシンプルなタンクトップです。

I got this fabric from Japan, it's Yuwa Fabric's 30s inspired collection. I can't resist strawberry prints...


I wear lots of fun prints and colour, but I don't normally go for clothing with a bold shape or design. So this top feels pretty bold to me, but I'm happy that I made it!



Have you started building a wardrobe for summer? What have you been making (or planning to make) for the warmer weather this year?  I'm planning to make a pair of shorts that might go with this top!


May, 25, 2017

FO: Winterfolk

FO: Winterfolk

Squash-coloured Floral Top: McCall's M7324

Squash-coloured Floral Top: McCall's M7324