Ponte Knit Pants: Vogue V9155

Ponte Knit Pants: Vogue V9155


I think finding perfect fit pants is one of the hardest shopping task for a lot of people. I'm 150 cm (about 4'11") and not a skinny person which makes it really difficult to find RTW pants that fit me perfectly.

Even if I was a skinny person, I'd still be having a hard time. Lots of brands make jeans in different lengths like short, regular, long, and even the "short" ones are a tad too long for me. I could get them shortened but that's not the only problem! The knee placement is wrong! Luckily with skinny jeans and jeggins in style for the last few years, this hasn't been as much of an issue, but if I try on flared jeans, it's a disaster! (´・ω・`) Usually the pant leg is shaped so that where knees are supposed be would be the narrowest, but for a short person like me, knees hit above that point of pants. It feels uncomfortable and if I get them shortened, they look wrong. Also, with mid to high rise waist ones, I have problem that they sometimes come up almost to the bottom of my ribs! Sigh...


ジーンズはこちらだとショート、レギュラー、ロングの3つの丈展開をしているところも多ですが、私はそのショートでも長さが余ります。裾上げすれば丈は短くなるのですが、致命的なのが膝の位置が合わないこと。パンツって膝にあたる部分が若干細くなっていることが多いのですが、私の場合その位置が自分の膝の部分に来ず。動きにくいし足の形がおかしく見えるしで納得いかないんです。笑 フレアな形の場合丈を切ってしまうとフレアの広がりが中途半端になるのでこれまたおかしい。ジャストウエストやハイライズなものだと、時にウエストが肋骨の方まで来てしまい痛いなんてことも (´・ω・`) 

I've always been afraid to sew pants. Mainly because I thought my skills aren't there yet and I wouldn't be able to get the fit right.

But I have made some outer wears in the last year and I also thought that would be a tricky things to make too. So why not give pant sewing a try! 

I started collecting pants patterns and finally decided Vogue V9155 would be my first try. I've only made pyjama pants before, so there are my first me-made "proper" trousers and I couldn't be more excited about that.


最初に選んだのはVogue PatternsのV9155。今までパンツはウエストゴムのパジャマパンツしか縫ったことがあないので、これが初めてのれっきとしたパンツ作り。ワックワクです。

Vogue 9155

One of the fabric suggestions on the pattern was ponte-knit, and since I love ponte-knit that's what I used.


I went with version A, without the back slit.


Here are some details... It's dark navy but in these photos, I brighten them up so that you can see the details better.

It was my first time sewing a fly zipper, it's not perfect but it turned out fine, yay! The pants have side pockets, waist band, and back seams. I might use version C pattern for the back next time, I'm not in love with the back seams here and I think I'd like the clean look of the version C more. But I like the front look of version A and B, so for the front I'd use version A and B pattern again.

I made a lot of adjustments. I shortened the pant rise and the pant leg lengths, but I could have shortened the rise even more. Since my waist-hip area is bigger than my legs, I used a bigger size for the waist-hip, and a smaller size around the leg. The leg area still came out more looser than I wanted them to be, so I need to adjust that more next time.

Overall, as my first me-made trousers, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out! The ponte knit is nice on the skin and sooo comfy! I've already worn them once and they were so comfortable.




My legs are so short it's a bit sad (´⊙ω⊙`) But I guess I'm really short for a grown up so that's okay, haha. By the way, I'm wearing super shallow socks in the photos above, not flat shoes. Of course I can't speak for every single person in Canada but generally speaking, people in Canada don't wear shoes in the house. I'm very happy about that because that's what I'm familiar with (we don't wear shoes in the house in Japan either.)

They turned out to be looser (around legs) than what they look on the pattern cover and what I was originally planning them to be, but I always wanted a pair of straight loose fit pants so I'm okay with that.

こうやって写真で改めて見ると悲しくなるほど短い脚。笑 まぁ身長150cmのドラミちゃんはこんなものなので仕方ないですね (*´꒳`*)





いつもブログを読んでくださってる方は、着画のトップスを見て"おや見覚えがある布だぞ?"と思われたかもしれません♫ 次の記事で詳しく書きますね!

I'm so excited to finally have pants that are made for my figure. It feels so good! My goal in pants sewing is to make jeans (denim pants)! To achieve that though, not only my skill but also my sewing machine needs to be upgraded, I think...

Have you sewn pants? What did you think of the experience?

P.S. If you're curious about my top with beautiful floral print, I'll share about it in the next post!

Apr 30, 2017

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