WIP: Winterfolk

WIP: Winterfolk

After I finished making Aran-style cardigan, I was going to move onto something a little more spring-like. But when I saw Winterfolk by Joji Locatelli, I fell in love. It's so beautiful! (Joji herself is gorgeous so that made the cardigan look even more attractive!)

Winterfolk is a long-length knitted coat, I love the simplicity, A-line shape, long length, a hood, and giant cables...

So I decided to start knitting WInterfolk, after all, March is still winter here in Canada.

I'm using Cascade 220 Heathers in colourway 9558 Pale Blue Heather.

It's a big project and I need a quite bit amount of yarn, so I couldn't get super luxury yarn. Cascade's still pretty good yarn (and not that cheap) and comes in a great range of colourways. The gauge seems to work fine with this project so that's perfect. Just like the name suggests, 9558 is a pale blue and is cool-toned. It's sort of an icy blue and I thought that was a perfect match for WInterfolk.

タイトルにあるWIPはwork in progressの略で、経理や会計をする方は仕掛品という意味で馴染みのある言葉のよう(そういう分野は全くの無知なのでよくわかりませんが聞いた話。) 直訳すると進行中の作業/仕事ということになり、物作り全般の制作途中のもの、という意味合いでも使えます。


アランカーディガンを編んだあと、そろそろ春物に移行しようかなと思っていたら見つけてしまったこのパターン。Joji LocatelliさんのWInterfolk。ロング丈のフード付きニットコートです。


Cascade 220 Heathers 9558

A bag full of yarn makes me happy. 

見るとなんだかテンション上がる袋いっぱいの毛糸。ロングコートは用量が必要になるため、予算の関係で高価な毛糸は使えず。今回もCascade Yarnsです。と言ってもCascadeも良いメーカーだしチープというわけではありません。せっかく長い時間を費やして編むのだから、高価なものは無理でもそこそこ良い毛糸を使いたいですよね。

今回使うのはCascade Yarns, Cascade 220 Heathers の色番は9558 Pale Blue Heather。黄色味の少ない、クールトーンの淡いアイスブルー。

Also, I finally have a Yarn Swift thanks to my husband! It's especially helpful when I have 10 skeins...



Winterfolk is worked top-down which I'm happy about, I'm short (about 4' 11") so I usually have to adjust the length if it's a long-lengthed garment. Top-down makes that process so much easier!



I started this project in the beginning of March, and was hoping to finish it by the end of the month. Well, I don't think it's going to happen! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Hopefully I can finish sometime in April as I don't like to knit a big wool project during spring/summer (too hot on my lap!) I also don't like to put it aside for a long time, I'm worried my gauge might change, so I really need to try to finish it soon.


3月初めに編み始めて今月中に編めたらいいなぁと淡い期待をしてましたが、完全に無理ですね (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) なんとか来月中に編み上げたいな。暑くなってきちゃうとウールの大物は編む気がしないし、何ヶ月も放置するとゲージに変化が出ちゃいそうなので、初夏が来る前に完成させないと!


So far it's grown down to about my hip, so maybe a half way to go? I might work on sleeves first after knitting one more ball of the body.



I really really like these cables! It's not too complicated to knit, just fun. The yarn seems to show stitches very well to, it's pretty 3D.

Looking forward to having this finished ♡ Stay tuned!


引き続き完成目指して頑張ります ♡

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