Rifle Paper Co. and Cotton + Steel Fabric

Rifle Paper Co. and Cotton + Steel Fabric

If you've read this article, you know how much I loved Rifle Paper Co. and Cotton + Steel collaboration fabric, Les Fleurs collection. It is such a beautiful collection, and Cotton + Steel makes great quality of fabric.

Their second collection, Wonderland, just made its debut and it is just as beautiful as the first one!

You can check out the both collections on their website, here and here.

I just wrote that I'm a fan of Alice in Wonderland themed prints in the last article, and it's probably easy to guess I got some from the Wonderland collection too! 

この記事を読んでくださった方はご存知かと思うのですが、昨年出たRifle Paper Co.とCotton Steelコラボレーション生地の大ファンな私。第一弾から購入した布もとても気に入っているので、今回の第二弾もとても楽しみにしていました。

一つ前の記事に書いた通りアリス柄好きでもあるので、今回のWonderlandコレクションからももちろん購入♫ 第一弾、第二弾のコレクション共にこちらこちらから柄のチェックができます。

一つ前の記事でも触れたのですが、アリス柄なら私は繊細な線の少し毒のある世界観が好き。Rifle Paperのイラストはそれとは少し違う可愛らしい雰囲気なのですが、とても細やかなイラストと鮮やかな色使いが大好きなんです。

今回のコレクションは、「不思議の国のアリス」発刊150周年記念にAnna Bondさん(Rifle Paper Co.のクリエイティブディレクター) が手がけた特別版のイラストを使ったもの。私はその本も持っているのですが、とても美しいイラストと装丁の本です。

このワンダーランドコレクションが発表になってから、オンラインストアを覗いては何を購入しようかずっと悩んでおりました…笑  最初は意気込んでたくさん買ってしまおうかなんて思っていたけれど、すでにアリス柄のワンピースやスカートを持っているため、そんなに何着もアリス柄のお洋服があってもな、と思い直し3つに絞りました。

Just like I wrote in the last article, I normally like Alice prints with delicate lines with a bit of dark vibes. You could say Rifle Paper Co. illustrations of Alice are a bit more cartoon-y but they're really detailed and I love the colours.

This collection draws from illustrations Anna Bond (founder and creative director of Rifle Paper Co.) did for Puffin Books' 150th anniversary edition of Alice in Wonderland. 

I have the book and it's the most beautiful book!

Ever since they announced about the Wonderland collection, I've been looking at photos of it on online stores to decide which ones I wanted to get... At first, I wanted to get whole a lot, but since I already have an Alice themed dress and a skirt, I narrowed it down to three. (I thought to myself, "I really don't need that many Alice printed dresses.")

Here are my choices! I ordered mine from Thread Count Fabrics which is a Canadian online store.

Wonderland colelction

L to R: Garden Party Navy, Magic Forest Neutral, Wonderland Periwinkle Metallic.

They're all quilting cotton but just like Les Fleurs collection, I find them lighter, softer, and more drapey than regular quilting cottons which is perfect for dresses.

They're so much prettier in person! I'm very happy with them.


Garden Party Navy

Garden Party in Navy is the only one that I ordered in dress-quantity.  This is one of my favourite prints of the collection, and since it doesn't have an obvious Alice illustration, I thought I wouldn't feel guilty for sewing another Alice print dress. Love the tea pots and cups and fans...with pretty Rifle Paper flowers. Sigh.


Magic Forest Neutra

This one I bought only 1 yard. I'm planning to make a tote or a clutch. I'm thinking of adding a bit of colour by filling in some lines with embroidery. The unbleached cotton would make the colour pop and I think it'll make it look really fun. I've been wanting to do more embroidery so I can't wait to try it!


Wonderland Periwinkle Metallic.

This is probably the signature print of the Wonderland collection. The gold is metallic! So amazing ♡ I also bought just a yard of this, but I might need to order more (just because.) Not really sure what I would do with this yet, maybe a pouch, or lining for a purse... either way, it's going to be beautiful.


Finding these illustrations in the book was really fun (yes, I spend a good amount of time looking through pages to do that.)

I probably shouldn't post photos of pages inside of the book for copy right reasons, so I'm just going to share one. This one is on the cover, so I think it's fine.

How cute is this!  (๑>◡<๑)

布が届いてすぐ、本のページをじっくりめくってどこのどのイラストが使われているか見比べる時間が楽しかった!本の中身をお見せするのは著作権的にダメかなと思ったので、この一枚だけ載せますね。こちらは本の表紙なので大丈夫なはず。並べて見るとますます可愛い (*'▽'*)

It seemed like the last collection got sold out pretty quickly in Canada, so I'm not sure how long Wonderland will be available, but I'd love to order some more in the near future. Maybe "Follow Suit" in lawn, "Paint Roses" in rayon, "Mad Tea Party" in cotton.... Must work hard! haha.

第一弾目のコレクションは、取り扱いがあるカナダのオンラインストアではすぐに売り切れてしまう柄も多く。今回のコレクションがどのくらい在庫があるのかわかりませんが、可能ならそのうちローンやレーヨンなどを少し買い足したいかも♫ 頑張ってお仕事しよう。笑

Have you got any of Wonderland collection? What did you think? 


Mar 26, 2017

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