Squash-coloured Floral Dress: McCall’s M7431

Squash-coloured Floral Dress: McCall’s M7431

When I saw this pretty viscose poplin fabric on Blackbird Fabrics, I fell in love. (I think it's out of stock now...) At the time they had it in yellow, pink, white, and black and I ordered yellow and black. The yellow is deep and rich, so beautiful! It's darker than mustard, I think it's more like a squash or pumpkin (what's the difference between these two?) colour.

Blackbird Fabrics is a Canadian company based in Vancouver which is a big yay for sewists who live in Canada including me. We need more online fabric stores in Canada!

Blackbird Fabricsさんというカナダのオンラインショップで一目惚れしたこの布。黄色、ピンク、白、黒の中から、黄色と黒を購入。黄色はマスタードよりも濃く…かぼちゃスープやかぼちゃプリンのような色合い♡

I was so excited to get these fabric because they're different styles of print from what I usually sew. I don't think I've ever made anything with viscose/rayon/challis sort of fabric before either. So I wasn't sure how difficult it would be to sew lighter drapey fabric (which turned out to be pretty smooth, I didn't find it difficult to sew these fabric.)


I decided to use M7431 from McCall's Patterns with this fabric. The shape of this pattern is similar to M7242, and just like M7242 it's Laura Ashley design! 


型紙はMcCall's PatternsM7431をチョイス。ローラアシュレイシリーズです。


(追記:今思い出したのですが、Simplicity/New Lookはカナダへの送料が型紙1,2枚でもすごく高いのと、カナダの布屋さんでは取り扱いを辞めてしまったところが多いんです。デジタル版も、自分のパソコンへのダウンロードはできず利用可能なのは購入時から1年以内プリントアウトは3度までという条件付き、そして確か米国外だと手数料がかかる気がします。今私が持っているこの二つのメーカーの型紙は、そういえばカナダのアマゾンで見つけて購入したものでした。そんなわけで自然とマッコールズ系列を選ぶことが多いです。)

I chose view D for bodice and view B for sleeves.



Alterrations and adjustments I made: 

  • Slashed and opened the skirt by 8 cm each, front and back
  • Added 2cm to the skirt length
  • Made the neck opening more shallow by 5-6cm, also made the V-shape at the centre of the neck smaller (be mindful that this pattern is a pull-over, so make this adjustment to fit your head)
  • Added a side pocket
  • Added sleeve cuffs and buttons instead of elastic
  • Minor fit adjustments like shortening sleeve lengths


  • 前後スカートを各8cmほど切り開いてフレアを出した
  • スカートの丈2cmほど長くした
  • 襟ぐりの開きを5-6cm分浅くして、襟ぐり中心のV字も少し小さく(被って着るタイプなので頭が通るように注意)
  • シームポケットを付けた
  • 袖先はゴムではなくカフスに
  • 細かいサイズ調整(袖丈を短くした、など)

I love how this turned out! I think the pattern suits the fabric very well.



Here are some details...

I don't mind the sleeves that have elastic on sleeve openings like my M7242, but that's definitely more of a casual style. I wanted an elegant look with this fabric because it has such a beautiful drape. So I went with bishop sleeves with cuffs, and I loooove them! (Though I should probably shorten the sleeve length a bit more next time.) I was originally planning to try flared sleeves like view A, but I couldn't really pull it off. I'd give flared sleeves another try someday but with this dress I'm glad I made bishop sleeves.


以前縫ったM7242と似た雰囲気ですが、こちらは前開きではないので縫う時間もより短く簡単。M7242のような袖先にゴムを通した袖も実用的で好きですが、今回はドレープの綺麗な布だったので、デザインも洗練した雰囲気にしたくカフス+ボタンにしました。本当は最初はview A(型紙の封筒を参照)のようにフレア袖にする予定でしたが、全然似合わなかったため代わりにギャザー袖(ビショップ袖)に。今回はギャザー袖で正解だったかなと思います。フレア袖はいずれまた他のものでチャレンジしてみよう。

It's really light weight but it's tightly woven (is this a correct term?), so it's not transparent (but I'd still wear a slip or a half slip.) My local fabric store doesn't carry much apparel fabric in woven, so thank you for this pretty, good quality fabric, Blackbird Fabrics!




Mar 13, 2017

Alice Outfit

Alice Outfit