My first knitted socks

My first knitted socks


I've been knitting since I was a kid (on and off) but never made socks before. Now I can say I've made a pair!

Pattern (編み図): Hat Trick Hockey Socks by River City Yarns (Also available through their website)

Yarn (毛糸): Hat Trick in Edmonton colourway and Hat Trick Semi-Solid in Penalty Shot both by River City Yarns

I got the Edmonton colourway skeins a couple years ago and made a scarf for my husband then. I originally had two skeins and used a little over one skein for the scarf and had a left over of almost a full skein. 

So since I had the yarn and a free pattern to go with it, I thought this would be a good start to knit socks for the first time! 

I knit Men's size because they're for my husband, with 2.75mm DPNs.



My first sock project!

Knitting socks weren't that complicated! Sure, it's probably not for absolute beginners (by absolute beginners, I mean someone who held knitting needles for the first time), but if you're comfortable with knitting in the round, I say give it a go!

I now know why so many knitters are obsessed with knitting socks... they're fun to knit, relatively fast to knit, doesn't require whole a lot of yarn, a good way to experiment with colours.

I've been eyeing on a lot of colourful and gorgeous hand-dyed yarn but never bought them because I wasn't sure what I would make with, now I know, socks. Oh-oh, I just gave myself a reason to buy more yarn.






My hubby now has matching scarf and socks! I'm in love with Hat Trick yarn series. They feel so good, really pleasant to work with! I especially like the Semi-Solids...they're just dreamy.

Now that I made my first pair, I'd really like to learn how to do a magic loop! 



Feb 7, 2017

Bamboo Short Coat

Bamboo Short Coat

Red polka dot shirt dress: McCall’s M7242

Red polka dot shirt dress: McCall’s M7242