RCY Cabin Collection

RCY Cabin Collection

Hello! Some of you might remember me writing I was pretty busy with work project in September.  It launched in October and I'm finally sharing it here too!

I work for my local yarn store, River City Yarns (aka RCY) as a photographer/social media manager. The project I was working on in September was to release eight brand new in-house patterns and I was able to participate in it for photography.

RCY got three very talented knit designers, Holli Yeoh (on Ravelry), Fiona Ellis, and Cynthia Hyslop to create a beautiful set of patterns, called Cabin Collection. All the patterns use RCY exclusive yarn, Epic Yarn which is a great worsted weight. I've used it here, here, and here.

We put out a call for designs for our Epic yarn earlier this year with a “mood board” of images that reminded us of our Canadian adventures. Camping in the woods, stargazing on the prairies, boating on a lake, roasting marshmallows, drinking hot cocoa... any time of year. We wanted designs that would benefit from the woolly nature of our 100% wool yarn and colour combinations that were striking and graphic.
— River City Yarns

I was busy in September shooting and editing... but I know my part was small compared to other members of the team. Designers, a pattern manager (person who makes sure the pattern is written correctly), graphic designer and many more. Barb and Cynthia who oversaw every process to make sure things are going in the right direction. I'm every grateful to be a part of such a talented and hard working team! 

I have so much respect for knit (and of course sewing pattern too) designers. I can follow and sometime modify the pattern but I find it extremely difficult to make up my own. So how designers can continue to come up with wonderful patterns is like magic to me. But I'm also sure they're good at math as garment patterns come in different sizes which requires a lot of calculating... 

My husband is an art director/graphic designer and he worked on this project also. We've actually been working together for a couple of years for RCY. At first I wasn't sure about a couple working together, but in our case, it's going pretty well. I get to see the side of my husband that I usually can't while he's at his office. I have even more respect for what he does and how capable he is!


私はカナダの地元の毛糸屋さん(River City Yarns、略してRCY)にて写真とソーシャルメディアの仕事をさせてもらっています。今回はその毛糸屋さんプロデュースの新しいパターンコレクション作りに写真担当として関わらせてもらいました。


今回全てのパターンで使用された毛糸は、同じくRCYオリジナルのEpic Yarn。私も過去に使用したことがあります(コートミトンニット帽)。





So here are the eight patterns! I linked them to their Ravelry pages, but if you prefer printed copies, you can purchase them on RCY online store

The Laurentian by Holli Yeoh


We were so lucky to have found such gorgeous models! They were all really lovely to work with. Also one of RCY staff opened up her house for us to shoot indoor shots, and it was the most beautiful house!

Did you find what you like? It's hard to choose a favourite but I think mine would be Stargazer. I love knitting and wearing a shawl. I've never made a crescent shaped one before, so this will be fun to try.

If you knit something out of this collection, please let me know! I'd love to see!





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