Pindot dress in brown lawn fabric: McCall's M7530

Pindot dress in brown lawn fabric: McCall's M7530

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend! :) We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with hubby's family, I love the holiday dinners.




I've made sleeveless dresses with easy-to-make elastic gathered waist before (like this one and this one). I made those with a semi self-drafted pattern which I referenced from a cami-dress pattern. The pattern had been modified so much from the original one that I wasn't sure if it was drafted the way it should be (I have no pattern drafting education background.) So I decided to try a "real" sleeveless dress pattern that I purchased.

今まで何度か ウエストゴムでギャザーを寄せたシンプルなノースリーブワンピースを作ったのですが(これとかこれとか)、使った型紙はキャミワンピを展開し変更を加えながら自分でなんとなく引いてみたものだったんです。型紙をゼロから引く知識などはないので、こんなに大きく自分で変えてしまって果たしてこれで合っているのだろうか?とずっと気になっていたんです。そこで、今で作っていたものと形が近い、ちゃんとしたノースリーブの型紙を購入してみました。

I got M7530 from McCall's. 選んだのはMcCall'sのM7530です。

I used the pattern mostly as-is, but I did slashed and opened up the skirt pattern to add more flare.

Usually, patterns with sleeves are drafted in a way that there would be more room around the armholes and slightly wider shoulder width to give more ease so that you can move your arms comfortably. For patterns without the sleeves, armholes are smaller and the shoulder width is narrower so that the outline of the shoulder would sit inside of the actual shoulder tip. M7530 (and most of other patterns) only have one bodice pattern for both with the sleeves and without the sleeves. The armhole isn't drafted especially for sleeveless which means the dress could be a bit too wide around the shoulders and/or too loose around the armhole areas. I forgot about that and did not adjust those things, so I think I will take in the width of the shoulders a little next time.



This dress is not lined so it's super easy to make! The lawn is sort of sheer but I wear a slip so it's not really a problem.

Another change I made to the pattern was to add more length to the bodice because I wanted to tuck in the skirt little so that bodice would overlay the elastic part.



McCall's M7530, Emelie Cardigan

I choose dark brown pindot fabric to wear with my colourful hand-knit cardigans! (Green cropped cardigan, blue eyelet cardigan.)


There might not be anything new or exciting about this pattern, but this basic dress can be paired with a lot of things like my red and yellow Miette cardigans!



Oct 10, 2017

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