Hot Shawl

Hot Shawl


Last year, I was able to go to Knit City (read about it here), and I bought some dreamy yarn from Sweet Fiber! It's 70% SW merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon. So soft and squishy.

I decided to knit a shawl with it, because who wouldn't want to be wrapped in gorgeous cashmere blend yarn? :) I chose Hot Shawl pattern by Holli Yeoh, this pattern is simple (simple is the best) but with beautiful lace pattern on the edge which makes it interesting too.

去年バンクーバーで行われたニットフェスティバル(その時の記事)で購入したちょっと特別な毛糸でショールを編みました。Sweet FiberというブランドはカナダのBC州にあり、上質な糸と手染めにこだわりのあるブランド。うっとりするくらいの美しい糸が地元カナダのニッターの間でも大人気です。

My Hot Shawl

Pattern (パターン): Hot Shawl by Holli Yeoh

Yarn (毛糸): Cashmerino 20 in Worn Denim by Sweet Fiber

I love how it turned out! I actually had to skip a couple of rows at the end because I didn't have enough yarn which made the scallop shapes on the edge less pointy, but I like it that way too!

Lace pattern up close

The yarn is a dreamy blend of 70% cashmere, 20% merino, and 10% nylon. As the name of the colourway, Worn Denim, suggests it's faded tonal soft blue. I think this colour would go with a lot of my clothes!


Worn Denim(着古したデニムというような意味)という名前の通り、くすんで色褪せたような雰囲気の優しいブルー。手染め特有の色ムラが少しあります。いろんな服に合わせやすそうなお色。

Beautiful blue

I knit the large size as I wanted to be fairly big so that it would wrap around my shoulder nicely. As I mentioned above, I had to omit a few rows at the end because I was running out of the yarn. The pattern was so fun to knit! I particularly like how clean it looks at the and of every row!

I think cashmere blends tend to expand more after blocking and this shawl was no exception. It got quite bit bigger which I liked!



Love this pattern and the yarn combo! I think I'll be knitting more shawls this year... There're just so many beautiful shawl patterns and fingering weight yarn (the weight I like to use for shawls) out there!




Have you tried yarn from Sweet Fiber or Hot Shawl pattern? If you have, what did you think? I liked them both!(╹◡╹)♡


Jan 10, 2017