Emelie Cardigan

Emelie Cardigan


Hat Trick Semi-SolidというシリーズのHookingというお色。Hat Trickという、アイスホッケーリーグのチームカラーをテーマにした毛糸の半単色シリーズです。なんで"半"かというと、ほぼ単色なのですが手染めで濃淡のムラがあるからなんです。


Hat Trick Semi-Solid in colourway Hooking


Hat Trick Semi-Solid in Hooking by River City Yarns (my LYS). If you are (or someone you know) a hockey fan, check out their Hat Trick yarn too!

Pattern I used: Emelie pattern by Elin Berglund


編み図は Emelie by Elin Berglund、Ravelryから購入しました。丈もサイズ展開も豊富で、かなりいろんな体型の人にフィットするよう考えられたパターンだと思います。

Emelie pattern by Elin Berglund

This pattern comes in three lengths and in twelve sizes (if I counted right, there're so many!). I'm so thankful for great designers who can make patterns that fit everyone.


Work in progress

I chose the shortest length to pair with my fit and flare dresses.


Emelie cardigan


The dress is Lilou Dress, and while it's a great pattern and I love the fabric, the dress has gotten pretty loose over the year that I can't wear anymore. I need to alter it but altering is the least exciting sewing project, isn't it...(´・ω・`)



I'm just in love with this deep yet fresh green! It's so so beautiful.


ボタンは日暮里で見つけたもの♫ 編みあがったのは日本に行く前だったのですが、シンプルで深い緑のボタンがなかなかみつからず、日暮里でやっと発見しました。木や貝のボタンも考えたのですが、美しい毛糸のグリーンを目立たせたく同系色のボタンが理想だったんです。


Perfect buttons I found in Nippori Textile Town in Japan


I had been looking for the perfect green buttons to match the cardigan, but didn't have a luck.  And then I spotted them when I was in sewing heaven, NIppori Textile Town in tokyo, Japan!

Such a gorgeous green!


The back is simple stockinette stitch, the front has elegant lace and cable panels! This was my first time trying short rows (the beginning of the sleeves), It didn't turn out as neat as I wanted to be, but it was very interesting to knit.

Loves the cable details

I think it fits me pretty well, I also really like the length of the sleeves :) Hat Trick yarn worked well for this pattern, very pleasant to knit, it's comfortable to wear. It's soft but is bouncy at the same time to hold the shape well. It's 80 % merino and 20% nylon superwash, so it should be tough enough for washes too. There're so many beautiful colours in the series, I think I will knit another Emelie in a different colourway of Hat Trick Semi-Solid sometime again!


糸も編みやすく、弾力もあり、着ていてチクチクもほとんどなく(何度か洗ううちにより柔らかくなるでしょうし)、このパターンにはぴったりの糸でした。80% メリノ、20% ナイロンのスーパーウォッシュなのでお洗濯にもちゃんと耐えてくれそうです。同シリーズにはたくさん素敵な色があるので、また色違いを編みたくなりそうです。

Have you knitted Emelie cardigan or worked with Hat Trick yarn? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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Dec 22, 2016



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